Native Ecosystems

Biodiversity is the abundance and variety of life in a region.

  • Many of KCC’s affiliates and allies are deeply invested in protecting biodiversity as a unique natural resource. Biodiversity provides the platform for human life: crops, wood, textiles, medicines and animals.
  • Threats to biodiversity include: habitat loss, invasive species, deforestation, overharvesting, climate change, and pollution.
  • Why is the loss of biodiversity continuing? Demand for resources, population growth, lack of political will.
  • Is biodiversity a priority in Kentucky? Grassroots efforts are raising awareness, combating deforestation, for instance, by organizing public opposition. State agencies are asking for legislation but need citizen advocacy to energize lawmakers.

Kentucky’s revised Pollinator Protection Plan released! For a link to the plan, click here!






Biodiversity in Kentucky

Kentucky holds some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, which is why KCC holds the protection of Kentucky’s biodiversity as one of its primary campaigns.

One of KCC’s main goals is to enhance and protect the Commonwealth’s rich biodiversity.  To that end, KCC is pleased to make available to the public an important policy paper on biodiversity entitled, “The Importance of Roadside Vegetation and the Need for a Vegetation Management Plan in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.” This paper is authored by Dr. Tara Trammell of the University of Louisville and Dr. Tamara Sluss of Kentucky State University. The paper highlights the need for an Integrated Plan to remove exotic species, promote the use of native species and maintain healthy plant communities  which are vital for the state. We invite your careful attention to this important paper and and your participation in a discussion of these important issues.

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Recap: Biodiversity, Resiliency and Climate Change in Kentucky

Session From KYY 2019 Annual Meeting
Facilitator: KCC Board Member Don Dott

The Kentucky Conservation Committee is working this year with allies and partner groups on a fall conference focused on biodiversity and climate in the Upper Cumberland River watershed. In preparation, our Annual Meeting panel will detail other work already happening around climate and biodiversity, economic opportunities to support our wild habitats, and options for policy solutions.

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