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KCC Annual Meeting
January 17, 2015 at the KSU Sustainability Farm
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The Kentucky Conservation Committee‘s mission is to be a
trusted voice of the public in Kentucky’s capital, effectively lobbying for
protection, restoration and sustainable use of natural resources.

KCC lobbies the legislature, year-round. Our vision is for Kentucky to be a
responsible steward of the Commonwealth’s land, air, water, and biota, and for
Kentuckians to understand that the health of their families, communities and
economy depends on the conservation of these resources.

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Review of 2014 Legislative Session (high resolution, larger file size)

Review of 2014 Legislative Session(low resolution, smaller file size)

2014 Legislative Session Positions


One of KCC’s main goals is to enhance and protect the Commonwealth’s rich biodiversity.  To that end, KCC is pleased to make available to the public an important policy paper on biodiversity entitled, “The Importance of Roadside Vegetation and the Need for a Vegetation Management Plan in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.” This paper is authored by Dr. Tara Trammell of the University of Louisville and Dr. Tamara Sluss of Kentucky State University. The paper highlights the need for an Integrated Plan to remove exotic species, promote the use of native species and maintain healthy plant communities  which are vital for the state. We invite your careful attention to this important paper and and your participation in a discussion of these important issues.


KCC’s next Biodiversity Day will be in room 113 of the Capitol Annex.  Thanks to those that participated in last year’s event!  We drew the largest numbers of participants in the history of the event!

Kentucky is rich with diverse life, with more different types of trees, flowers, and many other species than most locations on earth.  These species act interdependently to give Kentuckians the high quality of productivity and natural experience on which we rely, which we expect, and which we market in tourism and economic development.

The governor has declared a day to celebrate Biodiversity in Kentucky Day for the past three years.  In celebration, legislators are invited to talk with people who have expertise in the nature and value of Kentucky’s natural riches.  Young Kentuckians who have excelled in the Jim Claypool Art and Conservation Writing competition will receive their awards, and hope they will have the opportunity to meet their legislators for a photo opportunity.

The theme for this year’s competition and celebration will be on Soil. A dozen organizations and agencies will be on hand from 9:30 through early afternoon to share their expertise and activities, including Kentucky Waterways Alliance, State Nature Preserves Commission, Fish & Wildlife, State Parks, Environmental Education Council and others.

Event sponsors included the Kentucky Conservation Committee, Division of Conservation, Farm Bureau, State Nature Preserves Commission, Division of Water, Division of Forestry, and the Heritage Land Conservation Fund.

Here is an excellent summary by Dr. Vicki Holmberg on the importance of biodiversity

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