The Federal Clean Power Plan:
What Do Carbon Regulations
Mean for Kentucky?

Check out our special page that provides information from the Energy and Environment Cabinet and other helpful links to learn more about this important issue.  Link HERE.

KCC News Release on the plan and what it means for Kentucky legislators HERE.

Learn more about conservation issues important to Kentucky HERE.

Interim Joint Legislative Committees: What’s Happening:
The 2015 Interim Joint Committees are currently holding
monthly meetings from June 1 to December 1, 2015.

  • Agriculture: Second Wednesday
  • Appropriations & Revenue: Fourth Thursday
  • Banking & Insurance: Fourth Tuesday
  • Education: Second Monday
  • Energy: Third Friday
  • Health & Welfare: Third Wednesday
  • Labor & Industry: Third Thursday
  • Licensing and Occupations: Second Friday
  • Local Government: Fourth Wednesday
  • State Government: Fourth Wednesday
  • Transportation: First Tuesday
  • Natural Resources & Environment: First Thursday
  • Veterans, Military & Pub. Protection.: Second Thursday


Pope Francis Encyclical on Climate Change HERE



Download our full 2015 Legislative Session Review- Click Here

Thanks to all who attended our recap of environmental issues during the legislative session.
You can find our full presentation at the link above.


Please contact your legislator or legislative committees regarding the bills below at 1-800-372-7181
OR you can also Email your legislator via the Legislative Research Commission website at http://www.lrc.ky.gov)

The Kentucky Conservation Committee has been a
trusted voice of the public in Kentucky’s capital for over forty years, effectively advocating for the protection, restoration and sustainable use of Kentucky’s natural resources.

KCC monitors the Kentucky’s  legislature year-round as a responsible steward of the Commonwealth’s land, air, water, and biota. We work to help Kentuckians understand that the health of their families, communities and economy depends on the conservation of these resources.

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