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Energy and Efficiency Opportunities in Frankfort

Frankfort's-Energy-Future--Report-FINAL--8-8-16-1Frankfort, Kentucky – A report released in August 2016 by EnvisionFranklinCounty explores the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy to the Frankfort Plant Board (FPB), their customers, and the local community. These benefits include protecting customers from rising electricity rates and helping them to reduce their bills; reducing the risks from being heavily dependent on coal power; lowering the FPB’s demand charges and extending the life of utility infrastructure; and generating local investment and economic development.

The Kentucky Conservation Foundation  helped Envision members to fund a follow-up study by Synapse Energy Economics to learn more about the impacts of current decisions for power purchasing. You may find the details of that NEW research on the Foundation’s website HERE.

2016 Bill Information:
Link to House  positions HERE.
Link to Senate  positions HERE.
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Partial Funding Restored to
Heritage Land Conservation Fund

  • Thanks to all who came out on March 2 to talk to their legislators on land conservation, which helped significantly in convincing the House to add back $2.5 million per year ($5 million total) of the $5 million per year ($10 million total) swept from the Heritage Land Conservation Fund.
  • Nearly 40 organizations have signed on to a coalition statement to restore the funding for land conservation. See statement HERE.
  • The final budget that was submitted to the Governor included the partial restoration of the Heritage funds.

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Pope Francis Encyclical on Climate Change HERE


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