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2020 Legislation

KCC has compiled a list of House and Senate bills addressing topics in our primary and secondary campaign areas. As bills are filed we include KCC priority rankings and analysis.

2020 Session

Click here for 2020 legislative info, plus House and Senate 2020 members, including info on open seats and special elections.
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Legislative Updates

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The Kentucky Conservation Committee has been a trusted voice of the public in Kentucky’s capital for over forty years, effectively advocating for the protection, restoration and sustainable use of Kentucky’s natural resources.

KCC monitors the Kentucky’s  legislature year-round as a responsible steward of the Commonwealth’s land, air, water, and biota. We work to help Kentuckians understand that the health of their families, communities and economy depends on the conservation of these resources.

KCC members in good standing receive a printed copy of this report annually after each session. If you are not yet a member of KCC, you may join here! You are also welcome to donate to support our work here!

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