Latest Legislative Alerts for the week of 2/12 here

Latest House and Senate bills

Over the past several weeks, citizens who have never lobbied before have been calling the office daily to ask what they can do, and asking if we help them to lobby their representatives. KCC is on-site during the full session to help any and all citizens who want to lobby. If you are passionate about any of the bills on our House and Senate lists, and will be in Frankfort, please call us at 502-209-9659 and we will be glad to assist or accompany you on a visit to your representatives!  In-person constituent visits are the most effective way to deliver a message to your legislator!

More tips on engaging your lawmakers here!

Finally, we hope you will consider coming to Frankfort for one of several different upcoming clean energy lobby days. Sign up here!








Other Developments for the week: The hard-fought battle to stop HB227, a bill which would fundamentally change net metering laws, has now moved on to the full House after Chairman Gooch added three new members to his Natural Resources & Energy Committee. Our thanks to all of the citizens who came up to Frankfort on very short notice for all of the committee actions! While dozens signed up to speak at the hearing, the chairman called the vote without allowing citizen testimony. We are asking for the House Leadership to “recommit the bill” for additional work. There have been many misconceptions about this bill which are being spread by utility supporters, so we appreciate this week’s article in the Herald-Leader which explains the misconceptions.

We also want to thank Solar Kentucky for this video, where KCC’s legislative agent Randy Strobo explains the legislative history of the fight to protect solar in Kentucky.

We also are organizing efforts on February 22 to also lobby for land conservation funding. Please email us if you are interested in coming to Frankfort on Feb. 22 to lobby for land conservation! Sign on Letter in Support of Land Conservation Funding:
Downloadable Letter HERE, Sign on Form HERE

Finally, we want to highlight one “feel good” item of the week, the filing of Senate Resolution 157, which recognizes the 50th anniversary of the original protest hike in the fight to save the Red River Gorge. We want to leave you with this reminder that effective citizen action, no matter the odds, can, and has, resulted in monumental changes for all Kentuckians.

Latest Legislative Alerts for the week of 2/12 here