This week marks the halfway point of the 60-day session. To date, KCC has now reviewed 536 bills and 377 Resolutions, of which we have listed and ranked over 90 of these for their environmental or social consequences. (See our latest rankings of House and Senate bills).

Each week, KCC legislative agents and board members convene to go over every piece of legislation, and those which receive a “strong support” or “strong oppose” rating are given special direct attention throughout the session. We send copies of our rankings and analysis to lawmakers on a regular basis throughout the session.

While bills such as the anti-homegrown solar bill HB227 (KCC Strong Oppose) finally moved to the House after 22 amendments and after dominating the news, there are several other pieces of legislation that are also receiving our highest attention.

We are still challenging several of the budget cuts and funding sweeps in the primary budget bill HB200 (KCC Strong Oppose). The bill was sent to the House this past week for its first reading but then returned to the House Appropriations & Revenue committee to continue its work.

We are also working on slowing the momentum on HB10 (KCC Strong Oppose) which would amend the Kentucky Constitution and permit the General Assembly or its committees to review and approve or disapprove regulations of the Executive Branch during the General Assembly. This bill has passed the House and was received in the Senate on February 9th. It now resides in the Senate State & Local Government Committee.

Fortunately, not all bad bills are on the move. The horrible “auxiliary container” bill  SB82 (KCC Strong Oppose) fortunately seems to be stalled in the Senate State & Local Government committee.  This bill would prevent local governments from setting their own ordinances on these containers, which are defined as “a bag, cup, bottle, or other packaging, whether reusable or single-use, that is designed for transporting, consuming, or protecting merchandise, food, or beverages from or at a food service or retail facility.”

And we also have several GOOD bills and resolutions that still need additional co-sponsors and support. Those include HCR18 (Mileage-Based Transportation Task Force), HR148 which urges the Governor to declare a state of emergency in Martin County over their water crisis, HR154 urging passage of the RECLAIM act, and HB196 the Clean Energy Opportunity Act.

We hope to see you in Frankfort this week! Join us this Thursday, February 22, where we will be supporting groups who are coming to town to lobby for clean energy and land conservation. For more information on how you can join us, just call us at 502-209-9659.