What a week of twists and turns! As you recall from the previous week’s posting of the KCC Guardian, that week had begun with the filing of the anti-net-metering bill HB227, with the anticipation that the bill would immediately be heard with the first meeting of the House Natural Resources & Energy Committee later that week. But due to effective lobbying by citizens working with KCC and allies, that meeting was cancelled.

So going into this past week, we expected for the bill to be heard at the committee’s regularly scheduled Thursday meeting. Citizens were once again planning to fill the meeting room to defend rooftop solar. However in a surprise move, with only 24 hour’s notice, Chairman Gooch moved the meeting up by one day, to be heard on adjournment of the session Wednesday. Fortunately KCC was able to quickly send out alerts of the change, and citizens were able to re-group and fill the room. You can find the full video of the hearing here, where you will see that due to pressure from well-informed citizens, Chairman Gooch once again declined to call a vote on the bill.  We would like for you to thank Rep. Tim Couch, who asked thoughtful questions on the merits of the legislation during this surprise hearing.

But this surprise hearing was not the only surprise of the week. Once it was clear that the Chairman lacked the votes to pass his own bill out of committee, House Leadership was approached with a request to add three more committee members to Gooch’s team on Friday. (Read more details on KCC’s Clean Energy page). So look for another attempt at a vote this week.

With so much attention to this bill, we don’t want to overlook that KCC is still continuing its work on land conservation funding in its opposition to HB200, the main budget bill. But we need your help! Please circulate this sign-on letter to all organizations who support land conservation and oppose the funding sweeps in HB200.

We also want to make sure you will plan on attending one of several Clean Energy Lobby Days, including one planned for Feb. 22 by the Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance in support of the Clean Energy Opportunity Act (HB196).