With time running out for bill requests (last day for the House is Feb. 27, last day for the Senate is March 1), we have seen a flurry of new bills filed. You can find the latest updates on House and Senate bills of interest on KCC’s website.

However, the time to act is becoming critical for two main bills we have been intensely focused on: HB227 (Anti-net metering bill, KCC Strong Oppose) and HB200 (budget bill with $5 million in funding “sweeps” for land conservation, KCC Strong Oppose).

There have now been 29 total amendments filed to HB227. However we have been telling people that with even the best of amendments, this bill is still a fundamentally flawed,  unnecessary piece of legislation that will adversely affect independent solar installers and future residential solar customers, and must be defeated. Many in the public, and many lawmakers, have stated that they find the bill to be an overreach by the utilities on a small, independent solar market. This bill is in the House and could be voted on at any time. We want to thank those of you who came out on Thursday for the Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance Lobby Day and KCC’s Land Conservation Lobby Day. Each and every visit with legislators has been vital on these bills, and we have received multiple reports on a massive outreach campaign in support of the utilities on HB227, so we need you to keep reaching out to friends, family, and neighbors to make their calls against this bill. This bill is unnecessary because the present statutes already cap the use of net-metering at 1% of the market, and we are decades away from that kind of market penetration. See KCC’s Alert Page for this week’s actions on this bill, which we believe will kill the independent solar market. If you would like more background information about this bill, we have also posted several editorials and fact sheets at this link.

Similarly, we want to ask you all to also focus this week on HB200 (main budget bill). The budget bills have just now begun to move, with the first reading happening last week. We want to thank all of you who helped us to collect sign-ons from 45 organizations who are opposed to the $5 million in funding sweeps from the Heritage Land Conservation Fund which are in this bill. The letter was delivered last week to all lawmakers. See KCC’s Alert Page for this week’s actions on this bill, A copy of the text for the sign on letter delivered to all lawmakers can be found here.

We cannot express enough how much all of your calls and actions have made a difference. 

One last acknowledgement: Earlier this past year, just before the holiday season, I was trying to schedule multiple, and unavoidable, medical appointments for family members and for myself. Being that KCC is a small office (just myself as full time staff and the ever-reliable legislative support from Randy Strobo during the legislative season), I was dreading the prospects of going into this session with a backlog of detail work that would need to be postponed as we prepared for the session due to these unplanned interruptions. However with impeccable timing, I received an email from someone who attended our Wild & Scenic Film Festival, and offered to intern with us. Kerry Skiff has been an invaluable help these past few months during some of our most critical times, helping out with research work, our Legislative Summit, and last week’s multiple lobby days. Such talent has been recognized, and Kerry will be moving to Washington D.C. to work in the communications department of Defenders of Wildlife. We wish Kerry well and thank her for the generosity of her time and her “can do” attitude. We are very sorry to see her go, but are excited for the new opportunities she has in store. Kerry, thank you SO much!

—Lane Boldman