Moving Fast (and you should be furious)

SB214: (Net Metering/Strong Oppose) You received an alert on this during our last issue of The KCC Guardian and members respondednow you must do even more! Senators received a wave of calls last week opposing this bad bill, which has now prompted utilities to send alerts to their customers in support of the bill. So this week we need members to spread the word and reach out to additional supporters of home-grown solar power and strongly oppose SB214. We ask for people to immediately call or email members of the Senate Leadership, and members of the Senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee and ask them to reject this bill. Please make your calls and send your emails before the Committee meets this Wednesday, March 1 or call the Legislative Message Line at 1-800-372-7181 starting Monday morning. Watch for an additional dedicated alert from KCC with more details on this bill tomorrow. If you have any questions on this bill, call KCC’s 24-hour hotline on this bill at 502-209-9659 and we will be glad to answer any and all questions.

Other Bills Moving Quickly:

HB35 Establishing Public Benefit Corporations, a KCC “strong support” bill, has now passed the House and is now in the Senate Agriculture Committee. Please contact members of this committee and express your support for this bill. To learn more about Public Benefit Corps, go to this link.

HB72, a KCC “strong oppose” bill, relating to planning & zoning, could have a detrimental impact on the ability of citizens to challenge environmentally destructive land uses by requiring a bond for appeals. This bill has now passed the House and is currently in the Senate’s State and Local Government Committee. Please contact the committee and ask members to reject this bill.

Another bill that has momentum is HB156, a KCC “support” bill to promote outdoor recreation. While the driver of this bill is the desire to develop an ATV trail, and we believe there are elements that are redundant to existing adventure tourism authorities, the bill is focused broadly on outdoor recreation as a whole. The bill presently has twenty co-sponsors and is anticipated to pass out of the House shortly. So please contact your legislator in the Senate and express your support for this bill.

KCC “Strong Oppose” bills of note for this week:

One of the late-filed bills that we strongly oppose is HB384 which reduces the required number of inspections of underground mines for both annual mine inspections and annual full electrical inspections. This bill is currently in the House Veterans, Military Affairs & Public Protection committee. Please call the Legislative Message Line at 1-800-372-7181 to strongly oppose this bill.

We also want to highlight another “strong oppose” bill, HB246, addressing solid waste. This bill prohibits Louisville Metro or the District from charging a fee that is based on the make-up of the solid waste stream of that city, so long as the waste stream complies with state and federal law. You may learn more about this bill in this Courier-Journal article.

KCC “Strong Support” bills of note for this week:

One bill filed within the past week to bring to your attention is SB248 (KCC strong support). This bill is a consensus product from the legislature’s Oil and Gas Workgroup, addressing technologically-enhanced naturally-occurring radioactive material (TENORM). It defines TENORM for clarity and allows the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to regulate TENORM. This bill is already moving quickly through the Senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee and is expected to pass quickly. This bill was written in reaction to the dumping of low-level radioactive waste in landfills in Kentucky.

Advancing our Land Conservation Agenda:

We want to thank those of you who came out to KCC’s Land Conservation Lobby Day this past Wednesday. We were able to receive feedback from several legislators who said they would be willing to co-sponsor Representative Kay’s HB340, (KCC strong support) supporting tax credits for land conservation. If you were unable to attend the lobby day this week but still wish to help, we encourage you to call or email members of the House Appropriations & Revenue Committee and tell them you support tax credits for land conservation, and to please hear this bill in committee.


See our full list of bills and our rankings:

Link to House bills and KCC positions HERE

Link to Senate bills and KCC positions HERE


Finally, A special note about how we work:

I want to take a special moment to thank the KCC Board of Directors, an essential component of the KCC team who works alongside our legislative agent Randy Strobo and myself to support this important work. Last month we elected three new members of the board, Don Dott, Benjamin Knoll, and Gerry James. I also wish to acknowledge our board members who have termed off, including Wade Helm and Robert Kingsolver, and thank them for their service.

One of the many things which makes the Kentucky Conservation Committee unique is the incredible depth and range of knowledge that is held within our board. Each week, our entire board/staff team actively reviews each piece of legislation, and contributes their experience and knowledge about each issue as part of a rich conversation. This allows us to give you the strongest assessment possible of each piece of legislation and its implications.

-Lane Boldman, KCC Executive Director