Pre-Filed Bills 2018

The following are bills that have been filed as of 10/24/2017 for the 2018 legislative session

Bill Position Priority Sponsors Summary  Status  History
BR1 Pending Pending  J. Miller  AN ACT relating to the overtaking of bicycles on a roadway Pre-file Filed 8/16/17
BR2 Pending  Pending D. St. Onge Amend KRS 446.010 to define “unmanned aircraft system”; create a new section of KRS Chapter 500 to prescribe permitted and prohibited uses of drones Pre-file Filed 6/5/17
BR15 Pending Pending  J. Wayne +6 Democrat’s tax reform bill. Any new tax reform proposals need to include dedicated funding for land conservation and tax credits for conservation easements. Similar legislation filed last year as HB263. Pre-file  Filed 7/13/17
BR40 Pending Pending K. Imes AN ACT proposing to amend Section 29 of the Constitution of Kentucky relating to administrative regulations. A related bill on administrative regs was passed into law in 2017, HB50, which KCC strongly opposed. Pre-file Filed 6/27/17
BR57 Pending Pending  S. Santoro  AN ACT relating to electric and hybrid vehicle fees and making an appropriation therefor. During the 2017 session, a bill was filed by Rep. Miles, HB317, which attempted to establish fees on electric vehicles but did not pass. KCC strongly opposed that legislation. Pre-file filed 10/22/17
BR81 Pending Pending B. Reed Urge the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to issue more migratory bird depredation permits and subpermits to allow Kentucky farmers to legally take black vultures that are depredating their livestock. Pre-file filed 10/28/17
BR102  Pending Pending S. Miles +1  AN ACT relating to the natural resources severance and processing tax. A similar bill was filed in 2017, HB363. Pre-file  filed 6/29/17
BR114 Pending Pending C. Harris +4 AN ACT relating to the Public Service Commission. Pre-file filed 6/30/17
BR115 Pending Pending C. Harris +4 Direct the Public Service Commission to reexamine the electric rates charged to certain ratepayers to determine if they remain fair, just, and reasonable. Similar to a resolution filed during the 2017 session, HJR109, which KCC supported but did not pass. Pre-file filed 6/30/17
 BR182 Pending Pending R. Nelson  AN ACT relating to electric utility billing. Create a new section of KRS Chapter 278 to place a cap on the amount that an electric utility can bill for a basic service charge. Pre-file filed 8/17/17
 BR275 Pending Pending C. Morgan  An Act relating to public protests. See article HERE. Pre-file filed 10/20/17
 BR285 Pending Pending R. Huff  A bill on Article V of the Constitution, calling for a Convention of States. Similar bill was posted last session. Pre-file filed 10/19/17