The legislative session began on January 3, 2017 and Part 1 was scheduled to end on January 6th. This short holiday week was fast-moving and was focused primarily on labor and social issues. However many bills were introduced during the week that will be of interest to our members. You can find the entire list of House and Senate bills we have reviewed to date HERE.

Companion bills regarding a change in the status of the construction of nuclear power plants were filed in the House (HB90) and Senate (SB11). The House bill has already been sent to the Natural Resources & Energy Committee during the first week of the session.
This legislation would remove current prohibition on licensing of nuclear power plants until a permanent waste disposal strategy is in place, and instead allow the construction and operation of a nuclear facility where a facility has a “storage” plan for the waste. This means that the radioactive wastes that have a half life of thousands of years can be stored on site without a permanent disposal strategy in place.

This is the same nuclear bill that Danny Carroll filed in the Senate last year that made it easily out of the Senate, but stalled in the Tourism, Development, and Energy Committee in the House. That Committee is not the same anymore, with the Republicans choosing to separate Tourism and Energy. Rep. Gooch (now a Republican after switching parties) is chair of Natural Resources and Energy.

We anticipate this moving quickly once the second part of the session convenes on February 7th .

ACT: During this period before the second part of the session convenes, we urge you to contact members of the House Natural Resources & Energy Committee and tell them you are against repealing the ban on the construction of nuclear power facilities (House Bill 90.)

To leave a message for any legislator or committee, call the toll-free message line at 1-800-372-7181. The TTY message line is 1-800-896-0305.
Phone lines are open from 7AM-11PM  weekdays.

You may also click on the links on each name to get full contact info, including direct mailing and email addresses. We also urge you to visit your Representatives in their home districts during the break. Contact KCC if you plan on setting an in-person appointment and we will be glad to assist.

House Natural Resources & Energy Committee members:

The parallel bill in the Senate, SB11, had not yet been sent to committee at this writing but is anticipated to move shortly.

The second part of the Session will begin on February 7th.