KCC on Campus

KCC Campus Liaisons 

It is important to prepare the next generation to be a full participant in Kentucky’s future through the legislative process. Our goal is to establish Campus Liaisons throughout Kentucky Universities and Colleges. Each Campus Liaison will receive a scholarship covering a full year KCC membership and waiver for any fees for the annual meeting.

The Kentucky Conservation Committee (KCC), a nonpartisan coalition of environmental groups and individuals, will accept two Campus Liaisons from each of several Kentucky Universities and Colleges. Campus Liaisons will have the exciting opportunity to spend time with our experienced legislative agent in Frankfort for a behind-the-scenes look at government.


  • Full or Part time student at a Kentucky University or College (Two student liaisons per University or College)
  • Agrees to accept the responsibilities of being a KCC Campus Liaison.
  • Willing to be a leader


  1. Promote KCC and the annual identified environmental priorities on your schools campus both to faculty and students.
  2. Actively participate in environmental organizations on campus.
  3. Provide input to the KCC board about determining the annual environmental priorities.
  4. Contact your state representative and or senator about KCC environmental priorities.
  5. Attend the KCC annual meeting.
  6. Provide KCC with appropriate school and home membership information.

To Apply: 

Send an email or letter to:  Lane E. Boldman , KCC Executive Director, c/o Kentucky Conservation Committee, PO Box 1152, Frankfort, KY. 40602

In your email or letter,  include your name, address, phone number, email, and a brief statement of why you wish to be a KCC Campus Liaison.

All KCC Campus Liaisons will receive a KCC certificate and recognition during our annual meeting.