We start this week approaching Day 56 of the 60-day KY legislative session. This week includes two working days, then begins a two-week veto period for Governor Bevin to consider bills. After that, lawmakers have 2 days to override vetoes or pass more bills.

This means that we only have a short time left to act, and that anything can happen in the days remaining. This week we continue to be focused on the two issues that have been our concern all session: Anti-residential solar legislation and the State Budget.

Governor Bevin’s budget contained a 6.25 percent budget cut to most state programs and eliminated state funding for 70 programs. While some of these programs have now been restored to either the House or Senate versions of the budget bill (HB200), the one issue on KCC’s radar is the fact that both the House and Senate versions still sweep $5 million from the Heritage Land Conservation Fund, the state’s ONLY funding for land conservation and the maintenance of those lands.

In order to deal with the differences in both the House and Senate versions of the budget bill, it has been turned over to a special “free conference committee” representing both parties to work out the differences. That committee consists of Senators McDaniel, Thayer, Stivers II, Higdon, Wilson, Seum, Givens, Ridley, Jones II, and Parrett. and House members Osborne, Rudy, Shell, Meade, Bratcher, Carney, Tipton, Stone, Keene, Adkins.

See our Action Alerts page for the actions we ask you to take this week and watch for special mid-week alerts in these final days to act.

“Thank You’s” Needed:
We also want to take a moment to acknowledge two representatives who’s comments on the anti-residential solar bill were most important to the debate on solar. Please THANK Representative Jim Duplessis and Representative Tim Couch for their comments on HB227, and for supporting solar homeowners and standing up to utilities.