We hope all our members and supporters are staying well during this time of “social distancing.” The Capitol Annex certainly reflected the new reality, with the removal of chairs and tables in many areas to manage our social interaction (such as in the Annex Cafeteria, right, usually buzzing with activity).

For the latest information on the coronavirus in Kentucky, visit www.kycovid19.ky.gov.

By the end of this week, legislators canceled their Friday session out of caution. The General Assembly will also not meet on Monday, March 16th, but is expected to be back on Tuesday, March 17th, when they are expected to start passing the budget bill.

We did note that even though lawmakers did not meet on Friday, the Legislative Message Line (1-800-372-7181) was still open, so we encouraged people to keep making calls on the bills they wish to comment on. We encourage you to do the same on Monday the 16th, assuming that the line will also be open then.

And don’t forget that you can EMAIL your legislators! A great thing to do if your normal routine has been disrupted and you are stuck at home. Use the linked list or use firstname.lastname@lrc.ky.gov. With so little time left in the session, bills are starting to move quickly, so we ask for you to let lawmakers know where you stand, even during this time of “social distancing.”

This is also a time when you will see more amendments being filed to bills,so watch our bill lists (KCC House Summaries) and (KCC Senate Summaries) for the latest amendments, and our analysis of how this may change positions. While several bills this week passed new amendments, we have not made any new position changes based on those amendments. We do still have many concerns with the budget bill (HB352) due to restrictions on un-budgeted restricted funds and also the bill that addresses transportation funding (HB580) due to it penalizing fuel-efficient cars disproportionately. So we encourage you to read the KCC summaries of those bills and others. We appreciate WKYT’s investigative report last week on this bill (Link here)  and how it can impact efficient and electric cars.

Check out our key bills to support or oppose in our ALERT page!
(we have flagged a longer list than typical this week in case you have more time to make calls or emails due to disrupted schedules).

Many bills we support have been long-stuck in committees throughout the session. You will see where we have often directed people to contact committee leadership on some bills to put additional pressure to move them, so to make it easy for you to contact these leaders by email, we have provided links to them below:

Emails for Senate Leadership:

  • Robert Stivers III (Senate President) Robert.Stivers@lrc.ky.gov
  • Damon Thayer (Majority Floor Leader) Damon.Thayer@lrc.ky.gov
  • Mike Wilson (Majority Whip) Mike.Wilson@lrc.ky.gov
  • Julie Raque Adams (Majority Caucus Chair) Julie.Adams@lrc.ky.gov
  • Morgan McGarvey (Minority Floor Leader) Morgan.McGarvey@lrc.ky.gov
  • Dennis Parrett (Minority Whip) Dennis.Parrett@lrc.ky.gov
  • Johnny Ray Turner (Minority Caucus Chair) JohnnyRay.Turner@lrc.ky.gov

Emails for House Leadership:

  • David Osborne (Speaker) David.Osborne@lrc.ky.gov
  • David Meade (Speaker Pro Tempore) David.Meade@lrc.ky.gov
  • Suzanne Miles (Majority Caucus Chair) Suzanne.Miles@lrc.ky.gov
  • John Bam Carney (Majority Floor Leader) John.Carney@lrc.ky.gov
  • Chad McCoy (Majority Whip) Chad.McCoy@lrc.ky.gov
  • Joni Jenkins (Minority Floor Leader) Joni.Jenkins@lrc.ky.gov
  • Angie Hatton (Minority Whip) Angie.Hatton@lrc.ky.gov
  • Derrick Graham (Minority Caucus Chair) Derrick.Graham@lrc.ky.gov