The General Assembly recessed late in the evening on Monday, April 2nd, the 58th day of the 60-day session. We are now in a period for the Governor to either sign or veto bills. The legislature will re-convene on April 13, and will finish the session on April 14. So you now have two working days left to make an impact.

We are pleased to say that, through your actions, we were able to hold off a vote of the anti-net metering bill HB227 at the close of session on Monday. However this bill will likely be taken up once the legislature re-convenes on the 13th, so please continue to make your calls and send your emails.

Utilities have spent tens of thousands of dollars on contract lobbyists and print ads to see this bill through, and your legislators may be under the impression that the substitute versions that have offered are an improvement. But they are no improvement, and we are continuing to urge constituents to send the message that this bill is NO compromise, does NOT protect solar jobs and residential solar owners and utilities have NOT presented evidence of the impact to ratepayers. The bill will still have to pass the Senate in the last two days of the session, and then will have to confer with the House version before it can be sent to the Governor’s desk.

We were disappointed, however, to see that despite all of your calls, and a sign-on letter from 47 land constituency groups, that the funding “sweep” of $5 million in funds from the Heritage Land Conservation Fund remain in the current Free Conference Committee version of the budget bill (HB200) that was passed. The bill has now been sent to the Governor’s desk, however there is still an opportunity for this language to be struck through a line-item veto. So please contact Governor Bevin and urge him to “line item veto the funding sweep for the Heritage Land Conservation Fund” ($5 million total).

Bills and resolutions passed and/or signed by the Governor to date:

  • HB22 (KCC Oppose) Drone Bill, Became law without signature on 3/24
  • HB33 (KCC Support) Bike Safety Bill, signed 3/29
  • HB140 (KCC Oppose) Training stipend for law enforcement, paid from Game & Fish Fund, signed 4/2
  • HB264 (KCC Monitor) Reorganization of the Energy & Environment Cabinet, Signed 3/28
  • HB370 (KCC Support) Streamlining of environmental remediation, signed on 4/2
  • SB7 (KCC Monitor) Rare disease task force. VETOED on 4/2
  • SB104 (KCC Monitor) Reporting for underground excavation. Signed 4/2.
  • SB129 (KCC Monitor) Reorganization of the Energy & Environment Cabinet, signed 3/27
  • SR157 (KCC Support) 50th Anniversary of the Gorge Hike, adopted 3/31
  • SJR218 (KCC Support) Addressing food waste and charities. Signed 3/29
  • SB249 (KCC Support) Oil and Gas administrative hearings restructure. Signed 4/2

Bills and resolutions currently on the Governor’s Desk:

  • HCR7 (KCC Oppose) Black Vulture resolution, sent on 3/29
  • HB114 (KCC Monitor) TVA in-lieu-of revenue bill, sent on 3/29
  • HB200 (KCC Oppose) Budget Bill, sent 4/2,
    Ask the Governor to line-item veto the sweeps to the Heritage Land Conservation Fund.
  • HB202 (KCC Monitor) Road Project Authorization, sent on 4/2
  • HB204 (KCC Monitor) Legislative Branch Budget Bill, sent on 4/2
  • HB261 (KCC Monitor) Mining statute provisions. Sent on 3/27
  • HB324 (KCC Oppose) Trespass on Infrastructure. Sent on 4/2
  • HB366 (KCC Monitor) Republican’s revenue bill. Sent on 4/2
  • SB151 (KCC Monitor) Formerly a sewer bill, now a pension bill, sent on 3/29

You may contact Governor Bevin’s office at this link.

And check the status of other bills to see if they are making their way to the Governor’s desk, or if there is still time to act! See our updated list with full analysis of House bills and Senate bills.