A Kentucky Climate Plan:

Key Steps for Action

Climate change is already having profound effects in the U.S. and throughout the world. The amount of carbon dioxide (CO2)  in the atmosphere has increased by 40% since the late 1700s. These changes affect atmospheric temperature, rainfall, evaporation,  and a host of other natural cycles. In addition, the pollution from CO2 and other greenhouse gasses have an impact on air quality and health.

Weather events have already increasingly demonstrated more flooding events in Louisville and other river cities. The unpredictability of these events create challenges for disaster preparedness, agriculture, and human health.

The Kentucky Conservation Committee has been working on issues relating to climate change, including support for reforesting and reclaiming abandoned mine lands, support for greater use of native plants which are more resilient, and diversifying our energy sources with clean energy, efficiency and renewables.

This website provides additional resources to support the recommendations in our guide,
“The Kentucky Climate Plan: Key Steps for Action.”

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