Interesting Times at KCC

It’s been an interesting last few weeks at the old KCC corral. First, after several excellent presentations on renewable energy at our annual meeting the 17th, we got to hear a discussion on the formation of a Legislative “Environmental” caucus by Rep’s Joni Jenkins and Mary Lou Marzian. If this happens, it would prove a boon to those of us interested in the environment in Kentucky, by creating a single place to get our views across on a subject and to have wider legislative support for our initiatives. Contact your legislators and encourage them to consider joining this caucus. Speaking of initiatives, the Land Stewardship Task force work group met the 20th to finalize the Taskforce’s vision forĀ  a Statewide Land stewardship program. It’s the general consensus that two separate initiatives should proceed: First, the creation of an umbrella Land Stewardship Board funded through several sources including fines from surface mining operations; and Second, a Statewide Land Conservation fund created through a Constitutional amendment and funded through a 1/8% increase in the sales tax. Obviously the Board will be much easier to get passed than the amendment, but it is KCC and others firm belief that if the idea of a fund solely dedicated to the purchase, leasing or giving of easements for vulnerable land areas of all types is put before the general population that it could be passed. It has happened in other States and there’s no reason that Kentuckians who are so proud of the beauty and diversity of our natural areas wouldn’t do the same. This, of course, will take a mighty effort from everyone committed to Land stewardship in our fair State so I hope we will be able to start building support as soon as possible. We will be meeting with State Government Officials and Legislative leaders in the near future to try and get the ball rolling. Stay Tuned!