KCC members meet with Speaker Stumbo

Thursday the 14Th ,just after his meeting with the Governor on budget issues, Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo met with representatives of the Kentucky Conservation Committee to discuss the long delayed Land stewardship Task Force and the creation of a long-term vision for conserving Kentucky’s dwindling land resources. The meeting included yours truly, Dr. Vicki Holmberg the KCC chairperson , Dr. Bill Martin and Horace Brown along with State Representative Robin Webb who has been the champion of KCC’s cause from the beginning. The meeting lasted almost an hour and proved very beneficial as Speaker Stumbo voiced his support for the concept of a long term plan for land preservation along with a resource stream adequate for an effective, statewide program and promised to move quickly in assembling the Task Force in order to have possible legislation to consider in the upcoming regular session in 2010. With the possibility of new revenue sources becoming available through expanded gaming and tax reform it was imperative that the environmental community make a case for a preservation and conservation program befitting a State with such varied and beautiful land. Speaker Stumbo agreed that now is the time to move. Land will never be cheaper, and large contiguous tracks are still available. Please contact your legislature and urge support of the Land Stewardship Task Force and hopefully we will have a full-fledged land stewardship program complete with funding for you to supportĀ  early next year. We will keep you updated.