How we work

The Kentucky Conservation Committee (KCC) performs a pivotal role in environmental advocacy. We work to educate the public at large and conservation interests on how to  connect to activities in state and local government and be a part of the public process.

We scrutinize legislation and inform voters, in a timely fashion, of the choices their elected officials are making. We achieve our goals through increased public awareness and legislative outreach. KCC is the eyes and ears to the public regarding environmental concerns and plays an active role in connecting the public and those who make decisions on their behalf. KCC is the voice of the environment in state government for over forty years.

KCC educates legislators, government officials, and the public at large through personal contacts, e-mailed information, our website, social media and white papers on specific issues.  We use public presentations, educational events, media, and e-mail to engage our network of informed citizens.


Democracy, Equity and Justice

Environmental justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion are principles that are core to our work. We recognize that environmental pollution disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable communities, including women, communities of color, and income-challenged communities. 

We work in a nonpartisan manner to ensure that our democracy works for all citizens, particularly those who are not able to advocate for themselves.