KCC Partners and Affiliated Organizations

The goal of KCC is to provide a voice for a wide coalition of concerned groups and individuals working for land conservation, water quality, biodiversity and sustainability. Organizational partnership or affiliation with KCC is available to all non-profit, non-governmental environmental organizations located within, or having members in the Commonwealth.

KCC Partner Organizations

KCC Affiliate Organizations

Partnering or Affiliating with KCC

Membership as a Partner or Affiliate organization is available to all nonprofit, non-governmental, environmental organizations located within or having members in the Commonwealth.  There are two membership categories: Partners and Affiliates.  Partners are fiscal contributors and Affiliates are nonpaying allies.  Most of the rights and responsibilities are similar, but some vary.


Both Partners and Affiliates are asked to:

  1. Help KCC increase membership by either (a) sending information to their membership explaining how individuals may join KCC, at least once per year in a regular mailing to their membership, or (b) providing mailing lists of their members, at KCC’s request, so that KCC can invite their members to join KCC.
  2. Provide a link on their website, if they have one, to the KCC website.
  3. Publish articles provided by KCC in their newsletter at least annually. The articles may be about KCC, KCC membership, or its legislative priorities.
  4. Provide input to KCC about legislative priorities, especially at the Annual Meeting and special Affiliate/Partner meetings.

Both Partners and Affiliates receive:

  1. Information on legislative activities that the organization may relay to its membership.
  2. Invitations to participate in meetings organized by the KCC legislative agent to coordinate lobbying efforts.  These meetings will usually be held weekly during the legislative session.
  3. Link from the KCC website to the organization.
  4. E-mail contact via KCC’s “Calls for Legislative Action” to support/oppose key state environmental legislation.
  5. A report, at the end of each legislative session, in KCC’s “Legislative Alert.” The report will describe the status of all environment-related legislation.

In addition, Partners or Affiliates may request a speaker, a member of the KCC board or the Executive Director, to address one of their organization’s meetings, to exchange information, articulate positions on legislation impacting the environment, and acquaint their members with the purpose and mission of KCC. Requests for speakers will be handled on a case-by-case basis and response depends on the availability of board members and the Director.  KCC’s policy on Organizational Affiliates is here .

To discuss affiliating your organization with KCC,
contact KCC’s office at 502-209-9659 or by email.