2020 Senate Bills

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Senate Bill Positions reviewed by KCC as of 3/27/2020. Bills that are ranked as “Strong Support” or “Strong Oppose” will have the highest attention from KCC lobbyists for direct action. Bills ranked as “Monitor” means that we will continue to review these bills for any consequences that may not yet be fully apparent, but wish to inform the public that these issues are being debated due to their subject matter. If you wish to engage directly with KCC on any of the bills below, please email us. And please call the legislative message line at 1-800-372-7181 to express your views on these bills.

This list with KCC recommendations is regularly sent to every legislator in the House and Senate during the session.

SB4OpposeSen. Higdon +2Takes away Governor’s authority to appoint a Transportation Secretary, and requires the establishment of a state transportation board to determine priority for state transportation projects. Several floor amendments filed. KCC’s primary interest is the fact that the transportation sector is now the leading source of CO2 pollutants. Passed Senate 25-8 with committee sub 1 and floor amendments 2 and 4 on 2/20.
Now in House Transportation 2/28.
Taken from Transportation and given two readings and returned to Transportation, 3/18.


Eliminate authority to terminate Transp. Sec.

Require board to reflect gender/racial diversity

Eliminate authority to terminate Transp. Sec.

Technical Corrections
SB16MonitorSen. EmbryModifies the definition of “waste disposal facility” to specify that all residual landfills are included in the process of local determination and remove the exception for private facilities that dispose of waste on their own private property. Removes the exception for private facilities that dispose of their own waste on their own property from the requirements to obtain approval from local governing body when a municipal solid waste disposal facility seeks to expand or construct a facility.Intro. in Senate. To Nat. Resources & Energy 1/8
SB17SupportSen. EmbryIncludes, as criminal littering, allowing unsafe amounts of leaves or mowed grass to remain on a highway. House version is HB15.Intro. in Senate. to Transp. on 1/8
SB18SupportSen. AlvaradoIncludes essential service personnel as an eligible class of persons who may request and cast an in-person or mail-in absentee ballot. Intro. in Senate, to State & Loc. Gov. on 1/8
SB19SupportSen. D. Carroll +1More detailed bill than SB17 and HB15, but still includes, as criminal littering, dropping “unsafe amounts” of mowed grass on a highway and not immediately remove it.1/8 to Transp.
SB22SupportSen. EmbryAllows fiscal courts to license solid waste landfills and residual landfills and assess increased fees for accepting wastes outside of the waste planning area.1/8 to Nat. Resources & Energy
SB25MonitorSen. ThayerMoves the Agricultural Development Board to Dep. of Ag., Dissolves Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy, and transfers records and responsibilities of Office of Ag Policy to the Dep. of Ag., including Kentucky Tobacco Settlement Trust Corporation responsibilities and records. 1/29 introduced.
1/31 to Agriculture (S)
SB27SupportSen. Turner +2Requires the Energy and Environment Cabinet to notify the Department of Workplace Standards of any applicant or permittee that may be subject to the performance bonding requirements and requires the commissioner of the Department of Workplace Standards to notify the Energy and Environment Cabinet of any employer engaged in the severance, preparation, or transportation of minerals that is not compliant with the performance bonding requirements. If not in compliance, prohibits the approval of mining permit applications, and allows the employees to more easily recover attorneys fees and damages. Committee sub fleshes out who, when and how the financial assurance must be paid, establishes procedure for employees to recover unpaid wages and liquidated damages and attorney fees.1/9 to Nat. Resources.
3/18 Reported favorably with Senate committee sub 1 and committee amendment 1. Second reading, to Rules, Floor amendments 1 and 2 filed 3/19.
SB43SupportSen. Thomas +1Early voting access. Create a new section of KRS Chapter 117 to allow in-person early voting between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on the three Saturdays preceding any primary, regular election, or special election; amend KRS 117.087, 117.165, 117.235, 117.995, and 118.035 to conform.1/8 to State & Loc. Gov.
SB44SupportSen. ThomasProvides for the establishment of designated voting locations by the county board of elections in counties with a population of 90,000 or more.1/8 to State & Loc. Gov.
SB48SupportSen. Neal +3Amends Section 145 of the Constitution of Kentucky to allow persons convicted of a felony, other than felonies designated by the General Assembly, the right to vote.1/8 to State & Loc. Gov.
SCR48SupportSen. Webb +1Establish the Abandoned Horse Task Force to discuss the problems caused by the growing population of abandoned horses, ways to stop individuals from abandoning their horses and ways to remove the horses that are currently running at large, becoming feral, and reproducing a subsequent generation of undomesticated horses. Similar task force set up in 2016, filed report, but not much action. Horses have been abandoned on old mine sites and are an increasing problem on public lands.1/17 to Nat. Resources & Energy (S)
SB51Strong OpposeHigh PrioritySen. R. AlvaradoAlvarado’s annual tort reform bill. Proposes to amend Section 54 of the Constitution of Kentucky to allow the General Assembly the power to limit noneconomic damages for injuries resulting in death or for injuries to persons or property. Will have a chilling effect on victim’s ability to recover damages for environmental harms.1/8 to State & Loc. Gov.
SB55MonitorSen. SmithCreates a six-member Blockchain Technology Working Group to examine the applicability of Blockchain technology for various utility sectors and report to the Governor and the LRC.1/13 To Banking & Insurance. 2/6 Reassigned to Nat. Resources, passed 35-0 with committee sub (1). Reported favorably in House Small Business & Information Tech Committee, Recommitted to A&R 3/10. Taken from A&R and returned to Rules 3/18 (H)SCS1
Sub adds 3 ex-officio members, Electric Munis, Co-ops and Investor-owned.
SB61MonitorSen. Higdon +2Requires health benefit plan coverage of long-term antibiotic therapy for covered persons with Lyme disease.1/8 to Banking & Insurance
SB68Strong SupportHigh PrioritySen. Harper AngelPlastics ban bill. Prohibits the intentional release of more than 25 plastic balloons; establishes a ban on plastic, single-use carryout bags by July 1, 2025, and bans single-use plastic straws and Styrofoam food and beverage containers by retail food and beverage establishments by July 1, 2023.1/8 to Nat. Resources & Energy
SB78SupportSen. Meredith +11Direct the Transportation Cabinet to include a requirement for bicycle helmets for operators and passengers under the age of 12 in the bicycle standards and safety administrative regulations.1/13 to Transport.
SB81MonitorSen. Castlen + 15Prohibits a food product to labeled as “milk” unless it meets this definition of milk. Defines “milk” as the lacteal secretion, practically free of colostrum, obtained by the complete milking of a hooved mammals including cattle, water buffalo, sheep, goats, yaks, deer, reindeer, moose, horses, and donkeys. 1/13 to Agriculture
SB86OpposeSen. WestAllow local government entities and special districts to void implementation of the water fluoridation programs administered by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.1/15 to State & Loc. Gov.
SB94MonitorSen. Hornback + 7Removes requirements for the sale of gasoline containing up to ten percent ethanol.Passed with Sub. 1.
Signed by the Governor.
SB98SupportSen. SchickelRemoves protections against employment discrimination based on an individual’s status as a smoker or nonsmoker.1/21 to Judiciary
SB103OpposeSen. Castlen +1Reduces the minimum acreage requirement to qualify as a “farmstead” from ten acres to five acres for the purposes of on-site sewage disposal system requirements.Passed Senate 32-0 with floor amendment (1). Now in the House, posted in Local Government, 2/28, Taken from committee and given two readings and returned, 3/18 (H)SFA1
Excludes dwellings unrelated to farming.
SB105MonitorSen. ClarkLegalizes and regulates recerational marijuana. Same as HB148.1/24 to Approp. & Revenue (S)
SB107MonitorSenator West + 10Bipartisan medical marijuana legalization bill.1/23 Introduced. 1/29 to Judiciary (S)
SB119SupportSenator ThomasAllows for same day voter registration1/27 introduced. 1/29 to State & Loc. Gov. (S)
SR124SupportSen. Hornback +6Same as HR69…Honors Kentucky’s farmers for “helping provide citizens with the most nutritious and affordable food in the world,” and recognizes February 2 to 8, 2020, as Food Check-Out Week in Kentucky. The Resolution
states, “[farmers] working together in an environmentally sustainable way,” and “technological advances in agriculture have been influential in driving change in the farm sector, as farmers are able to grow more than ever before on less land.”
2/4 Adopted by voice vote (S)
SR135SupportSen. Hornback +4Resolution recognizing and honoring Community Farm Alliance upon its 35th anniversary. [House version HR83]2/10 to Senate
2/12 to Senate Floor.
SB148SupportSen. Givens +4Allows qualified farmers to register for an “agricultural exemption number” and present that number to sellers of exempt farm property to be exempt from the tax on those properties.2/6 Int. in Senate. 2/10 to Approp. & Rev., reported favorably, passed 38-0 (S), Passed House 82-0 with House Committee Sub 1. Senate concurred with House, passed 29-0, Delivered to Governor 3/19HCS1
SCR152SupportSen. Wheeler +2Reestablishes the Public Water and Wastewater System Infrastructure Task Force.2/12 Introduced in Senate, to Reported favorably, Econ. Dev. , passed 36-0, (S). Posted in Committee, Nat. Resources, 3/10 (H).
SB164SupportSen. WheelerDesignates 100% of a new open dumping fine be paid to the county where the violation occurred, expressly includes littering and open dumping as crimes subject to enforcement by code enforcement; allows local governments to impose a civil fines between $250 and $500 and use those funds for abatement, cleanup and restoration of the illegal dump site.2/12 introduced in Senate.
2/14 to Approp. & Revenue
SB180SupportSen. ThomasRequires witnesses appearing before a committee, interim committee, statutory committee, subcommittee, commission, or task force of the General Assembly to take an oath prior to giving testimony.2/18 Introduced in Senate. 2/20 to State & Loc. Gov.
SR188Strong SupportSen. MeredithProclaims March 3, 2020, as Kentucky Natural Lands Awareness Day.Adopted by voice vote on 3/3.
SR197Strong SupportSen. McGarveyDeclares April 22, 2020, as Environmental Education Day in Kentucky.2/27 Introduced in Senate. 3/2 to Senate Floor.
SR203SupportSen. Humphries +4Recognize the importance of access to safe, affordable, culturally appropriate, and nutritious food and its beneficial impacts on the health of Kentuckians and Kentucky’s agricultural economy.2/27 Introduced in Senate. 3/2 To Senate floor.
SB206MonitorSen. McDanielIncreases the required number of members of a regional planning unit from 2 to 3. 2/24 Introduced, to State & Local Gov. 2/28. (S)
SB215SupportSen. WheelerReverses the legislation passed last session that only allows board certified pulmonary specialists to diagnose black lung patients.2/25 Introduced in Senate. To Econ. Dev. & Labor on 2/27 (S)
SB217Strong SupportPriority BillSen. BufordDefines a utility regulated by the Public Service Commission as a “public agency” for purposes of public records only, and provides that records of a utility relating to expenditure of funds paid for by its customers are public records.2/26, Introduced. To Nat. Resources & Energy on 2/28 (S)
SB224MonitorSen. McGarveyClarifies the authority of small citites in consolidated local governments to enact ordinances governing certain aspects of land use within the boundary of a small city that do not conflict with a constitutional provision or law or already allowed/restricted by the consolidated local government’s comprehensive plan. Discourages legal challenges to that authority and make enforcement of ordinances easier. 2/27 Introduced in Senate. To State & Local Gov. 3/2
SB225MonitorSen. MillsIf a building is declared abandoned or blighted, a court can appoint a conservator to repair or, if necessary, demolish the building, and allows the conservator to recover the costs of repair or demolition.2/27 Introduced. 3/2 to Economic Dev., Tourism & Labor. Reported Favorably with Committee Sub 1. Second reading, to Rules on 3/18. (S)SCS1
SB251OpposeSen. Smith +2Amend KRS 351.010 so that open-pit mines do not include any excavation made from a refuse fill.Introduced, to Natural Resources & Energy 3/5. Reported favorably with Committee Sub 1 on 3/11. Passed 32-0 with committee sub 1. (S) Now in the House Nat. Resources, given two readings and returned 3/19.SCS1
SR251SupportSen. McGarveyDeclare April 22, 2020, as Environmental Education Day in Kentucky and honor the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.3/11 to Senate Floor (S)
SB263MonitorSen. WheelerSets forth the process to refund excess assessments to coal employers once the Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance Authority determines the black lung fund is fully funded.Posted for passage in consent orders of the day 3/12. (S). Floor amendment filed. Passed 32-0 with Floor Amendment 1. Received in the House, taken from Committee on Committees, given two readings and returned 3/19. Posting waived, floor amend. filed 3/26SFA1
SB264SupportSen. ThayerRequires the State Board of Elections to establish, maintain, and continuously update a computerized map of Kentucky containing census geography and election precinct boundaries and to specify how election precincts must be displayed and disseminated.Introduced, to State & Loc. Government, 3/6 (S)
SB270MonitorSen. StiversProhibits executive agency lobbyists from contributing to the campaigns of candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Auditor, and Commissioner of Agriculture.Introduced, to State & Loc. Government 3/6 (S)
SB286Support Sen. WiseCreates a hunting and fishing license exemption for persons who are either American veterans who are at least 50% disabled as a result of a service-related disability or who are declared permanently and totally disabled by a specified entity.Introduced, to Natural Resources & Energy 3/6 (S)