2019 Senate Bills

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Senate Bill Positions reviewed by KCC as of 1/18/2019. Bills that are ranked as “Strong Support” or “Strong Oppose” will have the highest attention from KCC lobbyists for direct action. Bills ranked as “Monitor” means that we will continue to review these bills for any consequences that may not yet be fully apparent, but wish to inform the public that these issues are being debated due to their subject matter. If you wish to engage directly with KCC on any of the bills below, please email us.

This list with KCC recommendations is regularly sent to every legislator in the House and Senate during the session.



Bill Position Priority Sponsors Summary  Status  History
SB2 Strong Oppose R. Stivers S. West Allows for any state official or agency being sued to request a special judge to be appointed by the Chief Justice of Kentucky Supreme Court. This is in response to the Executive and Legislative branches’ actions being held unconstitutional by the Franklin Circuit Court over the past several years, even though they have held several of their actions to be constitutional. This is a blatant political bill that essentially allows state officials and state agencies to forum shop to increase their chances of passing unconstitutional bills. 1/11
In Senate
SB6 Monitor R. Stivers
D. Thayer
Requires disclosure of executive agency lobbyist compensation and prohibits executive agency lobbyist compensation contingent on awarding of a government contract or based on a percentage of a government contract awarded. 1/10
State & Local Gov. (S)
SB11 Strong Oppose Alvarado, Meredith, Thayer Amends the Kentucky Constitution to give power to the legislature to cap non-economic damages on the amount recovered for death or injuries to persons and property. This includes damages resulting from environmental harm and to public health. Alvarado’s latest attempt at tort reform. It failed to pass Senate last year. His medical tort reform passed two years ago was ruled unconstitutional by the Ky Supreme Court a few months ago. 1/9
State & Local Gov. (S)
SB16 Monitor J. Adams, C. Embry Establishes a rare disease advisory task force. Same bill as last year, without the amendments that changed health certificate of need licensing to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Last year’s bill was vetoed by Bevin as an “unnecessary” expansion of state bureaucracy. 1/8 Health &
Welfare (S)
SB19 Monitor  T. Buford Allows state parks to obtain liquor licenses in moist or dry counties under certain circumstances. 1/9 Lic. Occupation &
SB27 Strong Support R. Alvarado, S. Meredith Prohibits use of tobacco, alternative tobacco, and vaping products by students, school personnel, and visitors in schools, school vehicles, properties, and activities by the 2020-2021 school year. 1/8 to Education (S)
SB28 Strong Support   R. Alvarado Requires the secretary of the Energy and Environment Cabinet to send a copy of a notice of violation for a hazardous waste site or facility to the county/judge executive of the county or the chief executive officer of the urban-county government within which the site or facility is located. Specifies that notices of violation for hazardous waste sites or facilities are not prohibited from disclosure due to confidentiality. 1/8 Natural Resources & Energy (S)
SB32 Monitor S. Humphries Allows for a “water well drillers assistant” to be qualified to engage in the drilling, alteration, or repair of a water well under the supervision of a certified water well driller as long as the assistant is certified and can “lawfully” work in the U.S. 1/8 Natural Resources & Energy (S)
SB33 Support J. Schickel Kentucky’s employment discrimination laws currently do not allow employers to discriminate you for being a smoker. This bill would remove protections against employment discrimination based on an individual’s status as a smoker. 1/8 to  Judiciary (S)
SB34 Oppose D. Thayer, M. Wilson Restricts voter registration data from being accessed, modified, or altered by any individual member of the State Board of Election, including the Secretary of the State and his or her staff. 1/8 to State & Loc. Gov. (S)
SB37 Monitor S. West Same as HB97 – makes fluoridation optional.  Info Here
to State & Loc. Gov. (S)
SB38 Monitor S. Meredith Same as HB74 except different timeline and no term limits. 1/8 to State & Loc. Gov. (S)
SB48 Support R. Thomas Another voting rights bill. Proposes to amend Section 145 of the Constitution of Kentucky to allow sixteen and seventeen year old U.S. citizens to vote in school board and local elections. 1/8 to State & Loc. Gov. (S)
SB52 Support R. Thomas An Act relating to oaths. Amend KRS 6.072 to require witnesses appearing before a committee, interim committee, statutory committee, subcommittee, commission, or task force of the General Assembly to take an oath prior to giving testimony. Any person that knowingly provides false testimony will be subject to criminal liability. 1/8 to State & Loc. Gov. (S)
SB63 Support R. Thomas, G. Neal Allows for early voting and extends voting hours. Allows in-person early voting between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on the three Saturdays preceding any primary, regular election, or special election. Extends voting hours for election day voting from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.  1/10 to State & Loc. Gov. (S)
SB75 Oppose S. Meredith Amends the Ky. Constitution to abolish the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, to establish the President of the Senate as the first in line for gubernatorial succession, and to establish the Speaker of the House as the second in line beginning with the gubernatorial election in November 2023. Eliminates the Attorney General and the Auditor of Public Accounts constitutional duties regarding gubernatorial line of succession. Expands the Chief Justice constitutional obligations to preside over gubernatorial impeachment proceedings. 1/8 to State & Loc. Gov. (S)
SB87 Support J. Higdon Proposes to amend Section 46 of the Constitution of Kentucky to require three readings on different days if the bill is not materially changed. The Ky Supreme Court essentially ruled that this is already required when it overturned the pension sewer bill. 1/11 in Senate
SB88 Monitor D. Thayer Moves the Agricultural Development Board and Agricultural Development Board to Dep. of Ag. Dissolves Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy, and transfers records and responsibilities of Office of Ag Policy to the Dep. of Ag., including Kentucky Tobacco Settlement Trust Corporation responsibilities and records.  1/11 in Senate
SB90 Support G. Neal Propose to amend Section 145 of the Constitution of Kentucky to allow persons convicted of a felony, other than sex offenses, violent offenses, or crimes against children, the right to vote. 1/11 in Senate
SB91 Support G. Neal Propose to amend Section 145 of the Constitution of Kentucky to allow persons convicted of a felony, other than felonies designated by the General Assembly, the right to vote. This version gives the legislature more flexibility. 1/11 in Senate
SB93 Support M. McGarvey Proposes to amend Section 145 of the Constitution of Kentucky to allow persons convicted of a felony, other than sex offenses, violent offenses, or crimes against children, and the intentional killing of a human not done under the influence of extreme emotional disturbance for which there exists a reasonable explanation or excuse, the right to vote. 1/11 in Senate