2018 House Bills

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House Bill Positions reviewed by KCC as of 5/1/2018. Bills that are ranked as “Strong Support” or “Strong Oppose” will have the highest attention from KCC lobbyists for direct action. Bills ranked as “Monitor” means that we will continue to review these bills for any consequences that may not yet be apparent, but wish to inform the public that these issues are being debated due to their subject matter. If you wish to engage directly with KCC on any of the bills below, please email us.

This list with KCC recommendations is regularly sent to every legislator in the House and Senate during the session.

Bill Position Priority Sponsors Summary  Status  History
HJR5 Monitor C. Harris,
R. Adkins,
A. Hatton,
R. Nelson,
K. Sinnette
Direct the PSC to reexamine electric rates charged to certain ratepayers to determine if they remain fair, just, and reasonable. 1/2/2018,  introduced,
to Nat. Resources & Energy
HCR7  Oppose B. Reed, M. Castlen, M. Hart, R. Heath, DJ Johnson, K. King, M. Prunty, R. Rothenburger, B. Rowland, S. Rudy, J. Shell, W. Thomas, J. Tipton Urge the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to issue more migratory bird depredation permits and subpermits to allow Kentucky farmers to legally take black vultures that are depredating their livestock. (Black vultures are protected by federal law and cannot be killed without a federal permit. We feel this new proposal is pre-emptive of Federal laws and weaken protections in the Migratory Bird Act). Passed House and Senate and sent to the Governor’s Desk on 3/29; Signed by the Governor 4/10
HCR9 Support G. Brown Jr, R. Meeks, K. Flood, M. Marzian, S. Overly, J. Wayne Urge Congress to encourage all state and local governments to participate in the Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) program administered by the United States Census Bureau. 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs (H)
 HB10 Strong Oppose ✔  K. Imes, S. Wells, C. Morgan, J. Tipton, K. Upchurch Proposes to amend Section 29 of the Ky Constitution relating to administrative regulations to permit the General Assembly or an agency or committee it creates to review, approve, or disapprove any administrative reg. of the executive branch during or between regular sessions of the General Assembly. This is a “separation of powers” issue. 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs (H)

2/8 passed the House (H). 2/9 Received in Senate 2/12 to Senate State & Local Gov. (S)

 HJR16 Monitor S. Rudy, B. Reed, J. Richards Designate and declare the Mallard as the State Game Waterfowl of Kentucky. 1/2/18 – in House; 1/4 to Tourism & Outdoor Rec, 1/29 Passed (H),  1/31 now in Senate Nat. Resources & Energy (S)
HCR18 Strongly Support A. Koenig Create the Mileage-Based Transportation Funding Task Force to develop and study the implementation of a mileage-based transportation funding mechanism. Learn about different transportation proposals on the KCC website. 1/2/18 – introduced in House; 1/4/18 to Transportation (H)
HB22/LM Oppose D. St. Onge, R. Meeks, J. Miller St. Onge’s annual drone bill that prohibits the use of drones and evidence gathered by drones except for law enforcement purposes. This would challenge citizen monitoring of environmental hazards. Passed by House and Senate and 3/24 – became law without Governor’s Signature SCS1/CI/LM – Extend protection to contractors or emergency responders.
HB23/LM Support Imes, L. Bechler, C. Morgan Requires the election of state-wide offices to be on the same year as presidential elections. Could boost KY’s turnout because people would vote for state-level offices the same time as president, which is the highest turnout election. Companion bill in the Senate, SB4 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergov. Affairs, passed first and  second reading, 1/17 recommitted to House election committee, 3/15 Floor amendment filed  (H) HFA1( K. Imes ) – Provide that the election of the Governor, Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Auditor of Public Accounts, Attorney General, Sec. of State and Commissioner of Ag, Labor and Statistics in even-numbered years will begin in 2022; amend transitional calendar to conform.
HR25 Support M. Marzian and 80 others Adjourn in honor and loving memory of Judge Richard J. FitzGerald. 1/5/18 Adopted by voice vote in the House.
HB26/LM Monitor S. Miles,
J. Nemes
Limestone tax credit bill, was introduced last year as well. 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Approp. & Revenue (H)
HB27 Support C. Harris, R. Adkins, A. Hatton, R. Nelson, K. Sinnette, WestromJ. York Requires the Public Service Commission to reconsider previously issued orders that involve contracts with other states, and those states have failed to approve the transaction. Retroactive to all Public Service Commission orders issued on or after July 1, 2013. See HB455 last session 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Natural Resources & Energy (H)
HB29/LM Monitor J. Wayne and 11 others Democrat’s tax bill. Monitor for implications 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Approp. & Revenue (H)
HB33 Support J. Miller, J. DuPlessis, R. Huff, C. Miller, R. Palumbo, J. Richards, S. Westrom Requires the operator of any vehicle on a highway to keep to the right unless signage or markings indicate otherwise, and requires vehicles overtaking bicycles to pass at a distance of at least three feet. If a minimum of three feet is not available, the passing vehicle is to use reasonable caution. Many cycling groups are in favor of this. Passed the House and Senate; 3/29 Signed by the Governor SCS1 – Amend KRS 189.340 to provide that bicycle operators shall not ride more than two abreast in a highway lane unless roadway is marked exclusively for bicycle use. See letters from the League of American Cyclists and Adventure Cycling on daytime lights. See this article on North Carolina’s legislative safety efforts.
HB34 Monitor  R. Nelson Does not allow an electric utility to bill a basic service charge in excess of ten percent (10%) of the amount charged for electricity usage in a billing period. We have listed as “monitor” because while we appreciate the intent of addressing excess basic charges, doing this through a percentage threshold may have un-intended consequences.   1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Nat. Resources & Energy (H)
 HR36  Support J. Gooch Jr., J. DeCesare, M. Hart, B. Linder, C. McCoy, P. Pratt, S. Santoro Honors the top five energy-efficient school districts in Kentucky for 2017 1/5/18 Introduced in House; 1/22 adopted by voice vote.
HB 43/LM Monitor J. Nemes,
J. Gooch Jr.
Would allow governor to appoint supreme court justices and court of appeals judges.   1/2/18 – introduced in House; 1/8 assigned to Judiciary (H)
HB45/LM Strong Oppose  ✔ S. Santoro, C. Miller, J. Richards, J. Sims Jr Establishes a base registration fee for hybrid vehicles, hybrid electric plug-in vehicles, and non-hybrid electric vehicles. The fee to be adjusted with any increase or decrease in the gasoline tax but can never go lower than the base fee. Defines the terms “hybrid vehicle,” “hybrid electric plug-in vehicle,” and “non-hybrid electric vehicle.”

Learn about different transportation proposals on the KCC website.

1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Transportation (H)  

This same language was inserted into HB609 as part of a comprehensive bill

 HR49  Oppose J. York, J. Gooch Jr. A House version of a resolution in support of the Appalachian Storage Hub. A Senate version has already been adopted. 1/9 – in House
1/11- to Elections, Const. Amend. & Intergov. Affairs (H)
3/8- posted in committee
HB52  Support R. Huff, D. Bentley, J. Greer, J. Jenkins, M. Marzian, K. Moser, D. Osborne, R. Palumbo, M. Prunty, B. Reed, R. Rothenburger, J. Stewart III, J. Tipton, S. Westrom Directs the Transportation Cabinet to include a requirement for bicycle helmets for operators and passengers under the age of 12 in the bicycle standards and safety regulations. 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Transportation; 2/2  Passed  with floor amendment 1 (H); 2/6 Received in the Senate Transportation Committee (S) HFA1 Amend KRS 189.990(21) to clarify that violations of helmet regulations shall not be subject to fines.
HB53 Oppose  C. Morgan Anti-protest legislation. This bill: (1) Makes a person who wears a mask or hood concealing his or her face while engaging in a public protest criminally liable for a Class A misdemeanor; (2) abolishes criminal or civil liability for a motor vehicle operator who causes injury or death to a person obstructing the flow of traffic during a public demonstration for which a permit has not been granted, unless the infliction of injury or death is intentional; and (3) prohibits any person, including a public servant, from preventing a peace officer from performing official duties at a protest. Again, while we appreciate the intent of this legislation, we are concerned with unintended consequences for those who engage in peaceful protest, based on whether or not a permit was filed. 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Judiciary (H)  


HB54 Oppose C. Morgan Confederate statue legislation – Establishes the Kentucky Memorial Preservation Act of 2018.  Establishes a petition process for a waiver if an entity wants to remove, alter, rename, relocate, or disturb certain significant properties, with exemptions for university owned or municipally owned memorials. Since many such memorials  are in grounds such as state parks, we believe this creates an undue burden on their ability to manage their properties. 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to State Gov. (H)
HB72 Support K. King, C. Morgan Requires roll call votes on any state fiscal measure, including an appropriation or revenue-raising measure, voted upon in the Senate or House of Representatives or a committee thereof. This is a transparency issue 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to State Gov.; 1/23 posted in committee (H)
HB73/LM Monitor J. DuPlessis, K. Imes, R. Mills, P. Pratt, M. Prunty, J. Sims Jr, W. Thomas Proposes to amend Section 32 of the Constitution of Kentucky to prevent Senators from serving more than four consecutive terms of office and to prevent members of the House of Representatives from serving more than six consecutive terms of office. 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergov. Affairs; 1/17 posted in committee (H)
HB76/LM Monitor P. Moffett, C. Morgan Initiates the process for calling a convention to revise or amend the Constitution of Kentucky, and the amendments that may have been made to it, as provided by Section 258 of the Constitution of Kentucky.  1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergov. Affairs; 1/17 posted in committee (H)
HB77 Monitor  P. Moffett Amend KRS 511.070 to allow notice of trespass to be given through the placement of identifying purple paint marks on property. KCC is presently working with allies to fully review the potential impacts to landholders, wildlife, hunters, etc. Some states are looking at this as a way to save cost for signage and fencing however we are engaging with all stakeholders to ensure the best way of dealing with trespass and theft issues.  1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Judiciary; 1/25 defeated in third reading (H)
HB78 Support  J. Kay Proposes several amendments to statutes that allows more transparency in the legislature, including communication made by members of the General Assembly on publicly owned computers or cell phones in the definition of records available for public inspection; prohibiting a public servant from acting as an executive branch lobbyist for one year after leaving employment, and prohibiting a public servant from bidding on or holding a state contract unless approved by the Executive Branch Ethics Commission.  1/2/18 – introduced in House; to State Gov. (H)
HJR81 Oppose R. Huff Apply to Congress for the calling of a convention of the states limited to proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States that impose fiscal restraint on the federal government, that limit the powers and jurisdiction of the federal government, and that limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress.   1/17/18 – introduced in House; 1/19 to Elections, Const. Amend. & Intergov. Affairs (H)
HJR85 Monitor T. Couch Direct the Transportation Cabinet and the Economic Development Cabinet to conduct feasibility studies on the economic impact and costs of widening the Hal Rogers Parkway into four lanes from Interstate 75 to Perry County; require results to be reported to the Interim Joint Committees on Transportation and Economic Development and Tourism by October 31, 2018.  1/17/18 – introduced in House; 1/19 to Transportation (H)
HB 87 Monitor P. Moffett Proposes to allow standing to any person who owns property in a territory to file suit against a city that annexes the territory. 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Local Gov. (H)
HB89/LM Support J. Wayne Clarifies the powers of certain cities within a consolidated local government, regarding home rule powers that do not conflict with the comprehensive plan. Rep. Wayne has introduced this bill over the past several years to address noise issues with LIA and the Audubon Park neighborhood in Louisville. 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Local Gov. (H)
HB90 Support J. Donohue, R. Meeks, J. Wayne Establishes a refundable income tax credit for the costs of mitigating noise from a commercial airport. 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Approp. & Revenue. (H)
HB106 Monitor B. Reed, M. Hart Allows volunteer firefighters to be issued a combination hunting and fishing license free of charge. While we support firefighters, we question this during times of tight revenues. 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Tourism & Outdoor Rec. (H)
HB 114/LM Monitor B. Rowland, L. Bechler, J. Carney, M. Castlen, W. Coursey, J. DeCesare, M. Dossett, R. Heath, J. Hoover, K. Imes, M. Meredith, S. Miles, J. Petrie, M. Prunty, J. Richards, S. Riley, W. Stone, W. Thomas, K. Upchurch Requires that a portion of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in-lieu-of-tax revenue deposited in the general fund be distributed to agencies designated by counties that have TVA property located in that county or purchase power from TVA, increasing from zero percent currently to 50 percent or a maximum of $6,000,000. Senate has filed a counterpart bill, SB9 Passed House and Senate with House committee substitute, 3/29 Delivered to the Governor; Signed by the Governor on 4/10 HCS1/LM – Amend KRS 96.895 to require that a portion of the TVA in-lieu-of-tax revenue deposited in the general fund be distributed to agencies designated by counties that have TVA property located in that county or purchase power from TVA; APPROPRIATION; EMERGENCY.
HCR115 Oppose J. Blanton, M. Castlen, D. Bentley, T. Couch, C. Fugate, M. Prunty Urges U.S. Congress to establish a moratorium on closing coal-fired electric plants and to eliminate subsidies for renewable energy sources except for battery storage. 1/30/18 – in House; 2/1 to Nat. Res. & Energy; 2/5 Posted in Committee, 3/1 reported favorably with committee sub, to consent; 3/2 second reading, to rules; 3/6 posted for passage with floor amendment 1 filed to committee sub and floor amend. 2 filed to bill; 3/13 – 3rd reading; floor amend. (1) defeated; passed 69-16 with Committee Sub. and committee amend. (1-title) (H)
3/14 – received in Senate
3/15 – to Nat. Resources & Energy (S)
Committee sub title amendments and floor amendments filed,   HCS1HCA1HFA1HFA2
HB 119 Monitor C. McCoy, M. Hart, J. Richards, J. Sims Jr Replaces the Kentucky Grape and Wine Council fund with the Kentucky small farm wineries support fund and creates the Kentucky Grape and Wine Council Vineyard Expansion Reimbursement Grant Program. 1/3/18 – introduced in House; to Agriculture; 2/7 Posted in Committee; 2/14 Reported favorably with committee substitute/ 2/15 2nd reading, to Rules; Recommitted to A&R (H) Committee Substitute HCS1
HJR 119 Oppose S. Wells Submit an application to Congress to call a convention of the states of the United States of America, in accordance with Article V of the United States Constitution, to propose an amendment to the United States Constitution requiring a balanced budget. 1/31/18 – introduced in House; 2/1 to Elections, Const. Amend. & Intergov. Affairs (H)
HB121 Support C. McCoy, D. Hale, J. Sims Jr Exempts bees used in a commercial enterprise for the production of honey or wax for sale, or in the pollination of crops, and certain items used in that commercial enterprise from the sales and use tax. 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Approp. & Revenue. (H)
HB125  Monitor A. Koenig, A. Simpson, C. Morgan, J. Nemes Allows for the voluntary unification of certain counties. 1/2/18 – introduced in House; to Local Government (H)
HB130 Monitor K. Upchurch, J. Petrie, K. Imes, K. Moser, J. Tipton, T. Turner Requires the staff of the Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee to submit to that committee’s co-chairs an annual report on administrative regulations found deficient by a legislative committee and allows a committee to take action on an administrative regulation within 60 days of LRC referral. Passed with House Committee sub 1, 4/14 Delivered to the Governor, VETOED on 4/26 Amend. so that emergency admin. reg expires after 210 days HCS1
HB 140/LM Oppose D. Hale, M. Meredith, J. Blanton, C. Fugate, M. Hart, B. Reed, R. Rothenburger, J. Sims Jr Amends various sections of the Law Enforcement Foundation Program fund to provide that the annual training stipend paid to all conservation officers be paid from the game and fish fund established in KRS 150.150 in an amount commensurate to the annual supplement paid to other police officers. Passed House and Senate; concurred with Senate committee sub, 4/2 Signed by the Governor  House Sub, HCS1/LM, HCA1

Senate Sub: SCS1/LMSCA1SFA1

HB145 Monitor R. Rothenburger Requires zoning compliance for non-baseload generation facilities under 10 megawatts. KCC believes communities benefit from good zoning, however concerns have been raised about impacts to solar companies. 1/8/18 – introduced in House; 1/10/18 to Local Government, 1/17 posted in committee (H)
HR148 Strong Support     C. Harris Urge Governor Matthew Bevin to declare a State of Emergency in Martin County, Kentucky, and to make emergency funds available to resolve the county’s water crisis. 2/9/18 Introduced in House; 2/13 to State Government (H)
HB154 Oppose S. Wells,
C. Morgan
Amend KRS 13A.290 to require the administrative regulations compiler to compile a list of administrative regulations considered during the year, including their disposition.  1/8/18 – introduced in House; 1/10/18 to State Government (H)
 HR154 Strong Support    A. Hatton, J. Blanton, L. Brown, T. Couch, C. Fugate, K. Sinnette Urge the United States Congress to pass the Revitalizing the Economy of Coal Communities by Leveraging Local Activities and Investing More (RECLAIM) Act. 2/13 introduced in House; 2/15 to Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergov. Affairs (H) 
HB163  Monitor S. Wells, K. Imes, C. Morgan Proposes an amendment to Section 32 of the Constitution of Kentucky requiring term limits for members of the General Assembly.  1/9/18 – introduced in House; 1/11/18 to Elec, Const. Amend. & Intergov. Affairs (H)
HB165 Monitor R. Nelson Rare Disease Advisory Council. Companion bill, SB7, has already made its way through the Senate with amendments.  1/9/18 – introduced in House; 1/11/18 to Approp. & Revenue (H)
HCR168  Support  R. Meeks, A. Scott Urges the United States Congress to adequately fund efforts to publicize and educate the public about the 2020 United States Census to ensure an accurate count of the population.  2/15 Introduced in House, 2/20 to Elections, Const. Amend. & Intergov. Affairs  (H)
 HB171-173 Monitor S. Rudy This range of bills may be placeholders for budget bill substitutions. We will be monitoring for those changes. HB172 now in the Senate A&R. HB173 second reading in House A&R.
HB174 Monitor M. Castlen, R. Heath Clarifies statutes and definitions related to livestock, communicable diseases, euthanizing, and management of communicable diseases within livestock.  1/10/18 – introduced in House; to Agriculture, 1/25 posted in committee (H)
HB196 Strong Support  M. Marzian, J. Jenkins, T. Burch, M. Cantrell, A. Scott, J. Wayne Clean Energy Opportunity Act. This is a bill KCC has sponsored for years as part of the Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance. Requires retail electric suppliers to use increasing amounts of renewable energy and energy efficiency; provide for alternative compliance plans for public utilities who fail to meet renewable energy or efficiency requirements; requires the Public Service Commission to develop tariff guidelines for purchase of renewable power.  1/16/18 – introduced in House; 1/18 to Natural Resources & Energy (H)
 HB200 Strong Oppose   ✔ S. Rudy Budget Bill. We oppose due to the $5million in funding “sweeps” from the Heritage Land Conservation Fund, elimination of the Kentucky Environmental Education Council, elimination of state support for conservation districts, and elimination of the Mesonet Program that is part of the Kentucky Climate Center. Free Conference committee version sent to Governor 4/2, Governor Vetoed on 4/9; Veto overridden 4/14   Committee sub HCS1, title amendment HCA1, floor amendment  HFA1

Senate Sub  SCS1

Concurrence: did not agree CCR1

Free Conference Committee FCCR1


Substitute restores funding for the Mesonet Center and Environmental Ed. but not Heritage Fund.

 HB201 Monitor S. Rudy Transportation Budget Concurred with Senate Committee Substitute, 4/14 Delivered to the Governor  Committee sub HCS1,  SCS1
HB202 Monitor S. Rudy Road Project Authorization  

House and Senate versions each passed and concurred with Senate Committee Sub, delivered to Governor on 4/2, signed by Governor on 4/13

 Committee subs  HCS1 and  


HB 204 Monitor  S. Rudy Legislative Branch Budget Bill Apr 02, 2018 – House concurred in Senate Committee Substitute (1); delivered to Governor but vetoed. Veto overridden in the House and Senate on 4/14 and delivered to Sec. of State. HCS1 – Retain original provisions; insert provision relating to administrative expenses.
SCS1 – Retain original provisions with the following exception: provide no funding for the actuarially required contributions to the Legislators Retirement Plan.
HB215  Oppose J. Tipton, D. Hale, K. Imes, DJ Johnson, K. King Requires a voter to have a picture identification card issued by a governmental or educational entity to be presented to election officers if identity is not confirmed by personal acquaintance. 1/18/18 – introduced in House; 1/22 to Elections, Const. Amend. &  Intergov. Affairs

2/22 Posted in Committee (H)

 HB227 Strong Oppose J. Gooch Jr., M. Castlen, L. Brown, J. Greer, B. Linder, S. Santoro Anti-solar net metering bill. Changes the credit for excess electricity provided to the grid from a one to one retail rate to a much lower avoided cost rate. Allows for grandfathering, but not for the grandfathering to transfer when the property is sold. Requires the rate changes to occur in July 2018. This bill unfairly allows utilities to make huge profits off the electricity generated by residential solar customers. Passed House but was re-committed by the Senate to Senate Natural Resources on 4/14 Passed committee with sub HCS1,  

floor amendments (HFA2), (HFA4), and (HFA6) filed to Committee Substitute and floor amendments
(HFA3) and
(HFA5) filed to Bill

2/9/18: floor amendments (HFA8), (HFA9), (HFA12), (HFA14) and
(HFA16) filed to Committee Substitute and floor amendments (HFA7),
(HFA11), (HFA13) and (HFA15) filed to Bill

Feb 13, 2018 – floor amendments (3) and (4) withdrawn; floor amendments HFA18 and  HFA20 filed to Committee Substitute, floor amendments HFA22 and   HFA19 filed to Bill. ; Feb 15, 2018 – floor amendment HFA21 filed to bill and floor amend. HFA22 filed to Committee Sub; 2/16  posted for passage. 2/20 – floor amendments (23) filed to HFA 21, (24) filed to HFA 22, (25) filed to Bill, (26) filed to Sub 2/21 – floor amend. (27) filed to Bill, (28) filed to Committee Sub, floor amendment (29-title) filed, HFA30; SCS1 filed 3/29 and SFA1


HR232 Support  J. York Encourage Kentucky grocers to offer paper grocery bags as an alternative to plastic grocery bags. While we disagree with language in this resolution relating to young forests, we do encourage non-plastic bag options. 3/8 – introduced in House; 3/12 to Economic Dev.(H)
 HB245 Oppose D. St. Onge Limits successor corporations’ asbestos-related liability. 1/24/18 – introduced in House
     1/26/18 – to Economic Development & Workforce Invest.; 2/6 posted in committee; 3/15 re-assigned to Judiciary (H)
HB255 Monitor K. Sinnette Create a new section of KRS Chapter 150 to establish a disabled hunter postseason elk quota hunt; define “elk zone” and make eligible only those who are able to qualify for a disabled hunter license; set the number of permits for the hunt at not more than 10% of the total number of permits allotted for the regular quota hunt; require hunters drawn for the disabled hunter post season elk quota hunt to comply with all hunting laws, both state and federal; require the department to attempt to ensure disability access to areas in the elk zone; allow hunters drawn for the disabled hunter postseason elk quota hunt who own land in the elk zone to elect to hunt on their own land rather than assigned areas in the elk zone 1/25/18 – introduced in House; 1/29 to Outdoor Recreation (H)
HB261 Monitor J. Gooch Jr. Amends several mining statute provisions. There is some problems with consistency of language regarding the hearing provisions in the original bill, now fixed in the sub.  Passed House and Senate with the committee substitute and delivered to Governor on 3/27, signed by the Governor on 4/2 Committee Substitute filed, HCS1

Retain original provisions; clarify that the permit exemption for personal landowner use of vein minerals applies to the excavation of those minerals, as provided in Article II(a) of KRS 350.300.

 HB264  Monitor M. Castlen A reorganization bill which affects several departments, including the Energy & Environment Cabinet. Signed by Governor 3/28
 HB282 Oppose S. Wells Another “Article V” bill to call for a Convention of States. 1/31/18 – introduced in House; 2/2 to Elections, Const. Amend. &  Intergov. Affairs (H)
HB 293 Oppose J. Fischer, S. Riggs, B. Rowland Relating to asbestos bankruptcy trust claims. We have changed our ranking of this bill from “Monitor” to “Oppose” based on the bill substitute, which  allows for delays in litigation. 2/1/18 – introduced in House; 2/2 to Elections, Const. Amend. &  Intergov. Affairs; 2/9 posted for passage. 3/18 Posted for passage, Recommitted to Judiciary (H) Amendments: HCS1
HB 295 Monitor   DJ Johnson Relating to Pay Lakes, specify licensing, specify revocation procedures. 2/1/18 – introduced in House
2/5/18 – to Tourism & Outdoor Rec. (H)
HB 318 Support K. Moser, J. Richards An act prohibiting tobacco use on school property. Environmental health issue. 2/6/18 – introduced in House
2/8/18 – to Education (H)
HB 322/LM Oppose J. Gooch Jr., M. Prunty Attorney and court costs fee shifting statute that allows someone who appeals a monetary penalty levied by a planning officer to recover their attorneys fees and court costs. Will stifle the ability for planning and zoning staff to enforce planning and zoning regulations. 2/7/18 – introduced in House
2/9/18 – to Local Government; 3/12 posted in committee (H)
HB 324/CI/LM  Oppose St. Onge Establishes a criminal offense of trespass upon key infrastructure assets such as electric power plants, pipelines, refineries, research facilities, and water treatment facilities. While we understand privacy concerns, we also are concerned that it may restrict citizen monitoring of environmental risk sites. Apr 02, 2018 – House concurred in Senate Committee Substitute (1); Bill passed 90-1; enrolled, signed by Speaker of the House; enrolled, signed by President of the Senate; delivered to Governor, Signed by the Governor 4/13 Committee sub HCS1/CI/LM

SCS1/CI/LM – Remove requirement that permission be granted in writing; clarify language.

 HB339 Support J. Kay Establishes the underfunded pension trust fund and impose a surtax on cigarettes and other tobacco products, including e-cigarettes allocated to the fund. 2/8/18
Introduced in House; 2/12 to Approp. & Revenue (H)
 HB357  Monitor L. Bechler Requires the inclusion of affordability of rates in the determination of reasonable rates and allow the Public Service Commission to temporarily reduce return on investment after a temporary loss of billing credits or temporary rate increase. Authorizes the Public Service Commission to conduct an audit of the performance of new meters of appliances after higher than average customer usage.  2/12/18 Introduced in House; 2/14 to Nat. Resources & Energy (H)
HB366 Monitor  S. Rudy, K. Fleming Republicans revenue bill. See analysis from our allies at the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy HERE. 4/2/18 – Free Conference Committee report adopted in Senate; Bill passed 20-18; received in House; to Rules (H); Free Conference Committee report adopted in House; passed 51-44; enrolled, signed by Speaker of the House; enrolled, signed by President of the Senate; delivered to Governor but vetoed on 4/9. Veto overridden and sent to Sec. of State on 4/14 Committee sub HCS1, title amendment HCA1; SCS1 (includes designations from the VW settlement, eliminates the sweep of funds from the waste tire trust fund)


CCR1 – Do not agree.

Free Conference committee sub FCCR1


 HB370 Support R. Mills, J. Gooch Jr., M. Castlen Streamlines the voluntary environmental remediation program application process for contaminated properties. Passed House and Senate, signed by the Governor 4/2
 HB384 Strong Oppose  ✔ S. Santoro, J. Greer, D. St. Onge

Exempts electronic billboards on or within 50 feet of a stadium, arena, or other “professional sports” facility from the 660 foot highway setback requirements. These electronic billboards will also be exempt from the static billboard tradeoff requirement, which requires the take down of three or four static billboards (depending on the type of road) in order to erect one electronic billboard. This will further pollute the viewshed of our highways all around Kentucky.

The regulations that allow for the construction and operation of electronic billboards in Kentucky are  being challenged in court. That case is currently pending in the Kentucky Court of Appeals.
Feb 15, 2018 – introduced in House
Feb 20, 2018 – to Transportation (H)
Feb 23, 2018 – posted in committee
HB399 Monitor R. Benvenuti III Allows an investor-owned water or sewer utility acquiring an existing water or sewer utility or its assets to recover the value of those assets in their next base rate casebefore the PSC.  Feb 20, 2018 – introduced in House
Feb 22, 2018 – to Natural Resources & Energy (H)
HB401 Monitor J. Blanton, C. Fugate, L. Brown, T. Couch Requires the PSC to open a case to reconsider any previous orders in cases involving retail electric suppliers that have economically distressed counties within their service territory to determine whether current approved electric rates and charges are fair, just, reasonable, and in the public interest. Limits the rate of return in economically distressed counties to 6%. Allows for ratepayers to file a case before the PSC to rehear a rate increase after 6 months. Feb 20, 2018 – introduced in House
Feb 22, 2018 – to Natural Resources & Energy (H) 
HB403  Support J. Kay Defines “single-family farm” and directs retail electric suppliers to charge no more than residential rates for service provided to single-family farms.  Feb 20, 2018 – introduced in House
Feb 22, 2018 – to Natural Resources & Energy (H)
HB419 Support  D. Keene Prohibits the sale, trade, distribution, or possession of shark fins.  Feb 21, 2018 – introduced in House
Feb 23, 2018 – to Agriculture (H)
 HB421  Monitor A. Simpson Gives the Transportation Cabinet the authority to regulate bicycle traffic on the sidewalks of state-maintained bridges. Feb 21, 2018 – introduced in House
Feb 23, 2018 – to Transportation (H)
HB439 Support J. Kay Extends requirements for disclosure in campaign advertisements to Internet and electronic communications. Feb 22, 2018 – introduced in House; 2/26 to Elections, Const. Amend. & Intergov. Affairs
 HB448 Oppose J. Gooch Jr. Reliable energy portfolio standards bill. Requires 75% of electricity generated in Kentucky to be from “reliable energy.” “Reliable energy” means electricity generated from a source that is always available on site or is delivered in advance and stored on site where the electricity is generated. Feb 22, 2018 – introduced in House; 2/26 to Natural Resources & Energy (H)
HB452 Monitor R. Heath AN ACT relating to the Commissioner of Agriculture. Feb 22, 2018 – introduced in House; 2/26 to Agriculture (H)
HB474  Support  J. Richards Expands in-person absentee early voting. 2/26/18 – introduced in House 2/28/18 – to Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs (H)
HB478  Monitor J. DeCesare, R. Rothenburger Proposes to no longer require the publishing of public notices in local newspapers, and instead requires publishing on websites. These changes mainly apply to local government and board of education notices.   2/26/18 – introduced in House 2/28/18 – to Local Government (H)
HB488 Support  K. Sinnette Requires notice to property owner before an electric utility conducts vegetation maintenance in the right-of-way and written consent for removing more than 25 percent of tree canopy. 2/26/18 – introduced in House 2/28/18 – to Natural Resources & Energy (H)
HB501  Monitor D. Keene Permits a local government to allow advertising devices to be placed on any side of a building located in an urban area under its jurisdiction. 2/26/18 – introduced in House 2/28/18 – to Local Government (H)
HB507  Support  C. Harris, A. Hatton, R. Adkins, J. Donohue, D. Graham, J. Richards, K. Sinnette, W. Stone Requires the PSC to adjust and set each utility’s residential fixed customer charge to recover no more than fixed direct capital costs including depreciation, fair rate of return, and income taxes, and operations and maintenance expenses that are directly related to metering, billing, service connections, and the provision of customer service and that those rates be affordable. 2/26/18 – introduced in House 2/28/18 – to Natural Resources & Energy (H)
HB511  Monitor  M. Hart Makes water fluoridation programs administered by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services optional. 2/26/18 – introduced in House 2/28/18 – to Local Government (H)
 HB513  Support J. Tipton, R. Webber, L. Belcher, D. Graham Allows the Energy and Environment Cabinet to require structural analyses and secure financial or performance measures for small wastewater treatment plants before issuing CWA discharge permits. Allows the Cabinet to appoint a receiver to assume the management and operations of a plant. Passed House with HCS1; Passed Senate Nat. Resources with SCS1;Apr 14, 2018 – House concurred in Senate Committee Substitute and floor amendments (1-title) and (2); Bill passed 66-25; enrolled, signed by Speaker of the House; enrolled, signed by President of the Senate; delivered to Governor 4/14  

HCS1 – Amend Section 1 of the Act, but redefine “sewage” and “privately owned small wastewater treatment plant”

SCS1 – Retain original provisions of bill, but expand definition of “privately owned small wastewater treatment plant”; SFA1 title amendment;  SFA2 several amendments with regard to acquisition, construction 

 HB515  Strong Oppose  K. Imes Provides alternative concurrent venue and jurisdiction when appealing the decisions of state agencies and the changing of venue from Franklin Circuit Court to the Circuit Courts of the counties in which events underlying the enforcement actions occurred. 2/26/18 – introduced in House 2/28/18 – to Judiciary; 3/5 posted in committee (H) 
 HB542  Support T. Couch, C. Fugate, D. Bentley, J. Blanton, L. Brown, M. Castlen, J. Gooch Jr., D. Hale, T. Herald Distributes 100 percent of coal severance revenues among the coal-producing counties. Feb 27, 2018 – introduced in House
Mar 01, 2018 – to Appropriations & Revenue (H)
HB546  Monitor  K. Sinnette Allows cities to deny utility franchisees the ability to recover the franchise fee by adding a fee or surcharge to the bill.  Feb 27, 2018 – introduced in House
Mar 01, 2018 – to Natural Resources & Energy (H)
HB548  Support  J. Kay Established a redistricting commission by appointments from the President of the Senate, Speaker of the House, minority leadership in the House, minority leadership in the Senate, and the Chief Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court.  2/27/18 – introduced in House; 3/1 to State Government (H)
HB563 Oppose  M. Prunty Extends to county roads the current allowance for state highways to allow trucks carrying agricultural products, livestock, and forest products to operate at weights up to 80,000 pounds. 2/27/18 – introduced in House ; 3/1 to transportation (H)
 HB571  Monitor  M. Marzian, J. Wayne Proposes to amend Section 29 of the Constitution of Kentucky to abolish the House of Representatives and the Senate and vest all legislative power in ALEC, the Koch Brothers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, and to repeal Sections 30 through 35 of the Constitution of Kentucky.  2/27/18 – introduced in House; 3/1 to State Government
HB585 Monitor  T. Couch Tax reform/revenue bill. Several issues in this bill: Reduces historic preservation tax credit, lowers corporate taxes, lower biodiesel and ethanol tax credits, reduces recycling equipment tax credits, pollution control facilities, farming and farm equipment, among the many items in this bill. 2/27/18 – introduced in House; to 3/1 Approp. & Revenue (H)
HB599  Monitor J. Petrie Another tax reform/revenue bill: lowers income taxes, increases sales and use tax, also flags recycling and composting equipment, and others.  Feb 27, 2018 – introduced in House
     Mar 01, 2018 – to Appropriations & Revenue (H)
HB609 Oppose S. Santoro, J. Sims Jr, M. Castlen, R. Heath, D. Mayfield, C. McCoy, K. Moser, J. Richards, R. Rothenburger, B. Rowland, D. St. Onge, K. Upchurch, S. Wells, S. Westrom Transportation funding bill: raises the gas wholesale floor price, increases minimum supplemental highway user motor fuel tax on gas to $0.085 per gallon. Imposes $50, $100, and $150 fees on hybrid, plug in hybrids, and electric vehicles. Allows fees to fluctuate with gas tax. Increases fees across the board, including special interest plates.  Feb 27, 2018 – introduced in House
     Mar 01, 2018 – to Appropriations & Revenue Mar 15, 2018 – taken from Appropriations & Revenue; 1st reading; returned to Appropriations & Revenue;
3/16 – posted in committee; taken from A&R; 2nd reading; returned to A&R (H)
Apr 13, 2018 – floor amendment (1) filed