2017 Senate Bills

Senate Bill Positions reviewed by KCC as of 4/12/2017. This is the last bill update for the 2017 Regular Legislative Session.

Bill Position Priority Sponsors Summary  Status  History
SB10 Strong Oppose P. Hornback Removes PSC regulatory authority over retail phone service in all exchanges not previously deregulated. Signed into Law by Governor on 3/20
SB11 Strong Oppose  D. Carroll Similar to HB90, would remove current prohibition on licensing of nuclear power plants until a permanent waste disposal strategy is in place, and instead allow the construction and operation of a nuclear facility where a facility has a “storage” plan for the waste. This means that the radioactive wastes that have a half-life of thousands of years can be stored on site without a permanent disposal strategy in place. Signed into law by the Governor on 3/27  Committee filed and passed,  SCS1. Floor amend. SFA1
SCR21 Support R. Thomas A concurrent resolution that recognizes the importance of diversifying energy sources for generating electricity in Kentucky and encourages the development of a statewide energy strategy with energy efficiency and renewable energy portfolio standards. A watered down version of the Clean Energy Opportunity Act legislation that has been filed over the past several years. As a concurrent resolution, it would not have the force of law. 1/3/17 introduced in Senate
1/7/17 to Nat. Resources & Energy
SB23 Support R. Thomas Requires witnesses appearing before a legislative committee, subcommittee, or task force to take an oath prior to giving testimony. KCC supports as it would  add a layer of accountability to testimony before the legislature. 1/3/17 introduced in Senate

1/7/17 to State & Loc. Gov.

SB38 Strong Support  ✔ C. Embry Jr.J. BowenD. Parrett Specifies that a person, regardless of state of mind or whether the person believes to be authorized or not, is liable for three times the stumpage value of the timber and three times the cost of any damages to property when he or she takes the timber of another without legal right. Timber theft legislation has been proposed for the past several years. Signed into law by Governor on 3/21 Floor amendment filed: HFA1HFA2. (Support original bill without amendments).
SB51 /CI/LM Oppose W. Westerfield

D. Carroll

P. Hornback

Creates a criminal offense (Class A or Class B misdemeanor) unlawful use of an unmanned aircraft (such as drones) to collect evidence or information without prior written consent on “critical infrastructure,” which is defined to include: electrical production, generation, transmission, and distribution facilities; petroleum refinery; chemical/rubber manufacturing facility; petroleum or chemical storage facility; pipelines and related facilities; railroad yards and railroad tunnel ports; and a drinking water collection, treatment, storage, or distribution facility. The owners of property with critical infrastructure are exempted from these requirements, but KCC is concerned that the bill is broad enough to stifle the public’s ability to monitor the environmental impacts of the construction and operation of infrastructure projects. 1/3/17 Introduced in Senate

1/7/17 to Judiciary

SB56  Support  R. Webb

plus 3 others

Like HB85, requires an operator of any vehicle on a highway to keep to the right unless signage or markings indicate otherwise and requires vehicles overtaking bicycles to pass at a distance of at least three feet. 1/3 in Senate, 1/7 to Transport.

2/14  passed w/floor amendment, to House Transport. 2/15

SFA1 floor amendment filed
SR76  Support  Multiple Sponsors Condemns the rally taking place in Pike County of the Traditionalist Worker Party/Nationalist Front/National Socialist Movement on April 28-29, 2017. We believe this rally would discourage participation of communities of color in our state parks. 2/9 introduced in Senate. 2/14 Adopted by voice vote.
SB78 Support R. Alvarado

J. Adams

Prohibits the use of tobacco products by students, school personnel, and visitors on school property, KCC supports because of its impact on public health, air quality, and litter. 1/3  in Senate, 1/7 to House Education, 2/15 passed with  sub., 2/16  in House, 2/21 to House Education Substitute


SB83  Monitor  T. Buford Requires the Department of Fish and Wildlife to undertake measures if deer and elk pose a significant risk to human safety from automobile accidents by allowing the Department implement special hunts and the issuance of more tags under certain circumstances.  

Signed by the  Governor on 3/27

SCS – require the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to identify areas where deer and elk pose threats to agriculture; make the steps taken to reduce the deer and elk population permissive instead of mandatory; allow to increase the doe harvest instead of the number of doe tags.
 SB96 Support J. Adams Requires licensed child-care centers to be tested for radon at least once every five years as part of their initial licensure and license renewal and to post the most current report in a public place within the child-care center. 1/5/17 In Senate.

1/7/17 to Health & Welfare

SR98  Support J. Carroll Recognizes Frankfort, Kentucky, on its 20th anniversary as a Tree City USA. (There is also a corresponding House resolution.)  2/15 in Senate, 3/2 Adopted by voice vote.
 SB109 /LM  Support  M. McGarvey, D. Seum Same as HB 28, clarifies the powers of certain cities within a consolidated local government, allowing those cities to adopt local ordinances as long as they do not conflict with consolidated government and state law and do not conflict with the comprehensive plan. 1/7/17 In Senate. 2/8 to State & Loc. Gov.
SB121  Oppose D. Seum  Defines “smart meter” and requires utilities seeking to install smart meters to give notice to affected customers and the right to opt out of having a smart meter installed on the customer’s premises. Specifies that customers are not required to pay for any electricity necessary to power the smart meter.  2/7/17 In Senate; 2/8/17 to Nat. Resources & Energy
 SB 130/LM Monitor   S. Humphries   Same as HB 168. Currently, 30% of TVA in-lieu-of-tax revenue goes to the General Fund, and 70% goes to local counties, cities, and school districts. This bill eastablished a new fund that shall receive 50% of the 30% of TVA in-lieu-of-tax revenue goes to the General Fund, but no more than $6 million. The bill will require that a portion of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in-lieu-of-tax revenue deposited in the general fund be distributed to agencies designated by counties that have TVA property located in that county or purchase power from TVA, increasing from 0% currently to 50% or a maximum of $6,000,000. Those monies will also be distirbuted to the fund eligible counties.  2/7/17 In Senate; 2/8/17 to Approp. & Revenue
SB139 Monitor R. Webb  Defines “Livestock” to mean cattle, sheep, swine, goats, horses, alpacas, llamas, buffaloes, and any other animals of the bovine, ovine, porcine, caprine, equine, or camelid species. Signed into law by the Governor on 3/27 SCA1 (Webb, Robin L.) – Restore poultry as a part of an Agriculture Water Quality Authority agriculture operations committee.
SB157 Strong Support R. Jones II Authorizes the Public Service Commission to remove all governing persons of a water district for specified causes and authorizes the Public Service Commission and the Division of Water to manage the water district or have the commission redraw the geographical area of the water district.  2/10 to Senate, 2/13 to Nat. Resources & Energy, 2/27 taken from committee, 1st & 2nd readings and returned to committee
SB167 Support R. Jones II Increases membership of the Public Service Commission (PSC) from three to seven commissioners and require an election of the commissioners in accordance with KRS Chapter 118.  2/13 in Senate. 2/14 to Nat. Resources & Energy
 SB183 Strong Oppose J. Carpenter Confirms Executive Order 2016-832, relating to the reorganization of the Public Service Commission, which is administratively attached to the Energy and Environment Cabinet. Signed into law by the Governor on 3/21
SB196 Strong Support R. Jones II Directs the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet to implement a program to assist in the education and retraining of dislocated coal miners and requires that a person with five years of surface or underground coal mining experience be given preference in state employment. Also directs Kentucky Housing corporation to establish programs relating to subsidies for home energy efficiency and to work with Kentucky Community and Technical College System to retrain dislocated coal workers in energy auditing and energy-efficient contracting certification. The program is to be funded from coal severance tax receipts.  2/15 to Senate, 2/16 to Approp. & Revenue
 SB198  Monitor D. Thayer AN ACT relating to natural resources. Amend KRS 149.100 to make technical corrections and provide gender-neutral language. Watching to see if amendments are filed. 2/15 in Senate. 2/16 to Nat. Resources & Energy
 SB214 Strong Oppose  ✔ J. Carpenter Require that net metering customers use a single meter on their premises, that the customers use the electricity generated for all or part of their electricity requirements, and to increase the allowable size of eligible electric generating facilities from 30 kilowatts to 1000 kilowatts. Allows grandfathering of eligible customer-generators taking net metering service until July 15, 2017, allows retail electric suppliers to recover all costs necessary to serve all eligible customer-generators taking service after July 15, 2017, and to provide that excess electricity credits are not transferable between meters. 2/15 to Senate, 2/16 to Nat. Resources & Energy.

    2/24, from Natural Resources & Energy (S); 1st reading; returned to Natural Resources & Energy (S), 2/27 second reading, returned to Nat. Resources & Enegy. Stalled in Committee.
 SB215 Monitor B. Smith, R. Stivers II Creates the Kentucky Coal Fields Endowment Fund, to be used for the purpose of supporting efforts to diversify the economy of the coal fields within Kentucky and appropriate $7,500,000 annually for the fund. 2/15 in Senate, 2/16 to Approp. & Revenue, Reported favorably, third reading 37-0 with committee sub and committee amendment as a consent bill. Received in House 3/14. Committee substitute and title amendment   SCS1SCA1
SB 222/LM Oppose D. SeumJ. AdamsE. Harris Same as HB 202. Limits the number of terms an individual can be elected Mayor to two consecutive terms. If the mayor resigns during his/her term, the Governor has the authority to appoint an interim mayor. Requires the Mayor to name a Deputy Mayor. Gives the Governor authority to appoint Metro Council Members in the event a council member no longer can serve during his/her term. Became law without the Governor’s Signature on 3/27  Committee Sub, SCS1/LM

Floor Amendment SFA1, House committee sub HCS1/LM

SB225 Support  R. Jones II Allows ratepayers to petition the Public Service Commission for a rehearing of cases that increase electric rates as long as signature requirements are met. Allows for appeal to Franklin Circuit Court. Require all PSC commissioners to stand for retention in each regular election allowing all ratepayers of a regulated utility eligible to vote. 2/16/17 – introduced in Senate; 2/21/17 – to NRE (S)
SB241 Monitor B. Smith AN ACT relating to coal workers’ pneumoconiosis. Amend KRS 342.197 to make language gender-neutral. Monitoring for changes. 2/16 in Senate, 2/21 to Econ. Dev. Tourism & Labor
SB248 Strong Support  ✔ J. Carpenter Consensus Technologically-enhanced naturally-occurring radioactive material (TENORM) bill. Defines TENORM and allows the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to regulate TENORM. Signed into law by the Governor on 3/27
 SB249 Monitor  J. Carpenter Deletes and reorganizes several statutes with regards to the structure and operation of the Energy and Environment Cabinet. Eliminates the Environmental Quality Commission. Signed into law by the Governor on 3/27 Committee Substitute SCS1