2017 House Bills

House Bill Positions reviewed by KCC as of 4/12/2017. This is the final status of bills for the 2017 Regular Legislative Session.

Bill Position Priority Sponsors Summary  Status  History
HJR8  Oppose K. Bratcher A joint resolution declaring state sovereignty over powers not given to the federal government by the United States Constitution (already required) and demands that the federal government cease mandates beyond constitutionally delegated powers (already required). If passed, could have negative impacts on federal regulation implemented in Kentucky, especially environmental regulations.  1/3/17 introduced in House, to State Government,2/7/17


HR9  Oppose T. Couch Urge the USEPA to prioritize compliance assistance over current enforcement practices. While KCC believes more work could be done to promote environmental compliance, the statements made in the preamble of the bill are inaccurate with regards to the influence of environmental regulation on the coal industry. 1/3/17 introduced in House, to Nat. Resources & Energy Committee, 2/16 Favorable First reading; 2/17 Second Reading, to Rules, 2/22 passed 3rd reading 80-15
HCR13  Oppose W. Wells Concurrent resolution calling on U.S. Congress to convene an Article V convention of the states to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution imposing fiscal restraints on the federal government. KCC opposes because it could have a detrimental impact on how environmental and conservation programs are funded and curtail federal dollars coming to Kentucky. 1/3/17 introduced in House; to State Government (H); 2/24 reassigned to Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs (H); 3/2 posted in committee
HB 18/LM Monitor S. Westrom Calls for greater legislative oversight over how state dollars are used in Area Development Districts. There are 15 ADDs in Kentucky that work on a regional level to promote workforce and economic development needs, health care and aging services, broadband palnning, transportation planning, and infrastructure planning, among others. This bill is in response to conflicts found by the state auditor in governance of the Bluegrass ADD. 1/3/17 introduced in House; to State Government (H)


 HR18  Oppose T. Couch Urge the US Congress to enact economic incentives and tax relief for certain counties in the Commonwealth. However, the resolution states, “Due to their decades of service in the mines of Southeastern Kentucky providing cheap energy for the good of the United States.” While Kentucky’s rates are lower than much of the United States, those rates did not include the costs of externalities from coal extraction, processing, and burning. 1/3/17 Introduced in House,

2/7/17 to
House A&R

 HCR27  Monitor A. Koenig  Create Mileage-Based Transport. Funding Task Force to develop and study the implementation of a mileage-based transportation funding mechanism and submit any proposed findings or recommendations to the Legislative Research Commission by December 1, 2017. 1/7/17 Introduced in House, 2/7/17 to Transport.
 HB 28/LM Support J. Wayne Clarifies the powers of certain cities within a consolidated local government, allowing those cities to adopt local ordinances as long as they do not conflict with consolidated government and state law and do not conflict with the comprehensive plan. 1/3/17 introduced in House; to Local Government (H), 2/21 Posted in Committee
HR28 Strongly Oppose A. Hatton Urge the Congress to lift restrictions on the coal industry. 1/7/17 introduced in House, 2/7/17 to Nat. Resource & Energy
 HB35  Strongly Support J. Miller Establishes public benefit corporations. A public benefit corporation must be managed in a manner that balances the pecuniary interests of the stockholders, the best interests of those materially affected by the corporation’s conduct, and the specific public benefit or public benefits identified in its articles of incorporation. Thus, the fiduciary obligation of the board is not just to its shareholders, but also to those affected by the corporations conduct and the public benefit the corporation provides. Signed into Law  by Governor on 3/20 Amended,
HCS1, adds annual reporting
 HB37  Strongly Oppose T. Couch
J. Blanton
C. Fugate
J. Stewart
Amends state property tax laws to exempt unmined coal reserves from state and local property taxation under certain circumstances. This tax revenue is 50% of the Kentucky Heritage Land and Conservation Fund’s income. If it passes land acquisition of natural areas could permanently be halved, at best.  1/3/17 introduced in House; to A&R
HB50  Strongly Oppose  ✔ K. Imes This bill calls for an administrative regulation to automatically expire after seven years unless action is taken to not let it expire.  Signed into law by the Governor 3/21 Passed Committee Sub HCS1
HCR50  Strongly Support  ✔ A. Hatton, C. Fugate, J. Blanton, L. Brown, T. Couch, M. Prunty, W. Thomas Urges Congress to pass the bipartisan Revitalizing the Economy of Coal Communities by Leveraging Local Activities and Investing More (RECLAIM) Act to accelerate disbursement of $1 billion in available funding in the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund to revitalize coal communities hardest hit by the downturn of the coal industry.  2/8/17 Introduced in the House; 2/13/17 to Economic Development & Workforce Investment
HJR54  Oppose J. DeCesare Apply to Congress under the provisions of Article V of the Constitution of the United States for the calling of a convention of the states limited to proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States that impose fiscal restraint on the federal government and that limit the powers and jurisdiction of the federal government. 2/9 Introduced in House, 2/13 to Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergov. Affairs. 2/27 Floor amendments filed. 3/2 posted in committee. Floor Amendments filed: HFA1, HFA2
HJR56  Strongly Support   ✔ R. Webber Directs the Kentucky Division of Water to conduct a study identifying privately owned and operated small wastewater treatment plants in the state, as well as providing certain data relating to the plants. Requires a practical emergency intervention method to respond to plant failures. Signed into law by the Governor on 3/27 Floor amendment HFA1
HB61/LM Support J. Gooch Jr.

J. Blanton,

M. Castlen,

M. Hart

Increases the amount of minerals and coal severance and processing taxes distributed to local governments through the local government economic assistance fund (LGEAF), which supports several programs including environmental protection and social services.  1/3/17 introduced in House; to House A&R
HB64 Support J. Donohue Creates a refundable income tax credit for the costs of mitigating noise from a commercial airport.  1/3/17 introduced in House; to House A&R
HB65 Monitor A. Wuchner
M. Rader
K. Bratcher
R. Bunch
J. DuPlessis
S. Miles
Allows an exemption from needing a fishing license for resident farmland owners and their spouses, dependents, tenants, and invited guests when fishing on their property from ponds or lakes that do not allow fish entry from or exit to public waters.  1/3/17 introduced in House; to Tourism & Outdoor Recreation. Floor amendment filed 3/2 Floor amendment HFA1
HB72 Strongly Oppose  ✔  J. Miller HB 72 requires a bond for appeals of Circuit Court decisions for zoning cases before the case is transferred to the Kentucky Court of Appeals. The House version had an exemption for churches. The version passed out of the Senate State and Local Committee had an exemption for landfills. The bill, in both versions, is poorly drafted, runs afoul of many Kentucky Constitutional provisions, and puts an unfair burden on those with meritorious claims against poor planning and zoning decisions. The final bill did not pass the exemption for churches but did pass the exemption for landfills.   As of 3/15/17, posted for passage for concurrence in Senate Committee Substitute and floor amendment (1); House refused to concur in Senate Committee Substitute and floor amendment (1); received in Senate, Senate refused to recede from Committee subs and floor amendment, and a conference committee had been appointed in the House and Senate to work out differences. Following that, a free conference committee was appointed to work out differences. The Free Conference Committee report (1) was adopted in the Senate, passing 21-17, and then passed the House 51-39.

Signed into Law by Governor on 4/11

HCS1 Committee Sub requires court to determine if an appeal is frivolous when determining bond.  Amendments HFA1, HFA2, HFA3, HFA4SCS1 remove exception for churches, add exception for landfills.

New floor
amendment  SFA1

Conference committee CCR did not agree.

FCCR passed.

FCCR2 Minority report did not pass.


HR77  Support D. Graham Recognize Frankfort, Kentucky, on its 20th anniversary as a Tree City USA. 2/14 introduced in House, adopted by voice vote on 2/17
HB82 Oppose K. Imes Reduces the number of campaign finance reports required to be reported relating to a primary or election from four to two – one 15 days prior to a primary or election and one 45 days after.  1/3/17 introduced in House; to Elections, Const. Amend. & Intergov. Affairs (H). 2/13 Posted in Committee, 2/17, reported favorably 1st reading to calendar with committee sub. 2/21 2nd reading, 2/24 posted for passage Passed with committee sub, HCS1


 HB85 Support  J. Miller Like SB 56, requires an operator of any vehicle on a highway to keep to the right unless signage or markings indicate otherwise and requires vehicles overtaking bicycles to pass at a distance of at least three feet.  1/3/17 introduced in House; to House Transport. (H)
 HB88/LM Support J. Fischer Requires state or local government entities that apply pesticides in residential areas to give notice to local officials and to the public no later than 48 hours prior to the application, and additional public notice every 7 days that the application continues.  1/3/17 introduced in House; to House Agriculture (H)
 HB90 Strongly Oppose  ✔ G. Watkins

J. Richards

Similar to SB 11, would remove current prohibition on licensing of nuclear power plants until a permanent waste disposal strategy is in place, and instead allow the construction and operation of a nuclear facility where a facility has a “storage” plan for the waste. This means that the radioactive wastes that have a half-life of thousands of years can be stored on site without a permanent disposal strategy in place.  1/3/17 introduced in House; to House Natural Resources & Energy (H)
HB107 Strongly Oppose  ✔ J. Fischer

R. Benvenuti III,

S. Santoro

Prohibits a sanitation district’s (such as Louisville MSD or SD1 in Northern Kentucky) authority to charge ratepayers for so-called “indirect” or “imputed” benefits. If passed, this bill will have a devastating impact on a sewer district’s ability to promote and fund green infrastructure projects across the district. Green infrastructure can have greater impacts and be cheaper than outdated gray built infrastructure methods of storm water control and also has a positive impact on biodiversity and conservation. 1/3/17 introduced in House; 1/6 to Local Gov.
HJR109  Support C. HarrisA. HattonR. AdkinsD. BentleyJ. BlantonL. BrownT. CouchC. FugateR. NelsonK. SinnetteJ. York Direct the Public Service Commission to reexamine the electric rates charged to certain ratepayers to determine if they remain fair, just, and reasonable. Feb 17, 2017 – introduced in House
Feb 21, 2017 – to Natural Resources & Energy (H)
HB117 Support J. Richards Allows an income tax credit for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2017, but before January 1, 2021, equal to $1,000 for employers who hire certain unemployed individuals, if the individual was employed in the coal industry immediately prior to becoming unemployed. KCC  supports incentives for miners, but not executives, railroads. 1/3/17 introduced in House,

1/6/17 to A&R

HB119 Monitor J. Gooch, Jr.

M. CastlenR. Benvenuti IIID. HaleS. Santoro


Prevents a local government from prohibiting a waste management service company from continuing to provide services that it was providing prior to commencement of services by the local government. It also prevents the awarding of a franchise for solid waste management services where no franchise exists unless the local government complies with new requirements for hearing and notice of the displacement of waste haulers. Signed into Law by Governor on 3/20 Committee sub HCS1/LM
 HB122 Support R. Bunch & 7 others Directs the Transportation Cabinet to include a requirement for bicycle helmets for operators and passengers under the age of 12. 1/3/17 introduced in House, passed house on 2/16, received in Senate 2/17, to Senate Transportation 2/22 Passed with committee sub for technical corrections
HB150 Monitor S. Riggs Requires cabinet secretaries or deputy secretaries and the commissioner of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources to meet regularly with certain Jefferson County officials to discuss the state services regulated by those officials that are provided or not provided to Jefferson County.  1/6/17 Introduced in House, 2/7/17 to State Government
 HB156  Support C. Fugate,
and 19 co-sponsors
Promotes outdoor recreation and tourism development by establishing the Kentucky Mountain Regional Recreation Authority (KMRRA), establishes funding for the Authority, and requires area development district boards of directors to cooperate with the KMRRA. (Would prefer more eco-tourism, less ATVs) As of 3/15/2017 the Bill was combined with Senate Bill 215 which called for a Kentucky Coal Fields Endowment Fund. The combined Endowment & Outdoor Recreation bill was passed with Senate committee sub 1 and title amendment 1.
Signed into Law by Governor on 4/10
 House Committee Substitute HCS1, Senate Committee Sub SCS1 and title amendment SCA1
 HB163  Support B. Rowland Provides a process for insurance companies to obtain salvage titles. Helpful in addressing the recycling of automobiles. Signed into Law by Governor on 3/20 
 HB165  Strongly Oppose  ✔ J. DuPlessis Permits a coal incentive tax credit, which was previously allowed and which sunset for most types of facilities in tax year 2009, for coal purchased and used in the generation of electricity or for certain industrial processes including “alternative fuels” and gasification facilities, and provides for a sunset of the credits. 1/7/17 Introduced in House, 2/7/17 to Approp. & Rev.
 HB168 L/M  Monitor B. Rowland,
and 15 co-sponsors
Currently, 30% of TVA in-lieu-of-tax revenue goes to the General Fund, 70% to local counties, cities, and school districts. This bill established a new fund that shall receive 50% of the 30% of TVA in-lieu-of-tax revenue goes to the General Fund, but no more than $6 million. Will require that a portion of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in-lieu-of-tax revenue deposited in the general fund be distributed to agencies designated by counties that have TVA property or purchase power from TVA, increasing from 0% currently to 50% or a maximum of $6,000,000.  1/7/17 Introduced in House, 2/7/17 to Approp. & Rev.
 HB177 Oppose J. DeCesare Allows motor vehicle engine idling for no longer than fifteen minutes and requires that the vehicle doors be locked while it is idling. While it limits idling time, it is more permissive of idling on the whole 2/7/17 Introduced in House; 2/9/17 to Transportation; passed House on 2/16, received in Senate 2/17, to Senate Transportation 2/21  Floor amendment filed to exempt emergency & pub. safety vehicles


HB181 Oppose  J. Gooch Jr. Permits municipal utilities (such as Owensboro Municipal Utilities and the Frankfort Plant Board) to join together into a municipal electric authority to buy and sell electricity and natural gas. Although this will allow municipal utilities more leverage in negotiating contracts, KCC notes that this proposed entity would have no Public Service Commission oversight. 2/7 Introduced in House; 2/9 to Natural Resources & Energy, 2/22 posted in committee
 HB182 Monitor C. Harris, J. Blanton Establishes a tax incentive to promote investments in rural Kentucky businesses in counties with a population less than 70,000. 2/7/17 Introduced in House; 2/9/17 to Appropriations & Revenue
 HB187 Support R. Nelson Establishes a preference point system for the elk quota hunt. If you are not drawn for a permit, you get a higher preference at the next drawing. 2/7/17 Introduced in House; 2/9/17 to Tourism & Outdoor Recreation
 HB188 Support R. Nelson Makes retired first responders who are at least 50% disabled eligible for the disabled combination hunting and fishing license. 2/7/17 Introduced in House; 2/9/17 to Tourism & Outdoor Recreation
HB194 Strongly Support C. Harris Makes it easier to obtain records through the open records act from public utilities, water and wastewater services, fire protection, corrections and incarceration, law enforcement, tax assessment and collection, and waste management entities. 2/7/17 Introduced in House; 2/9/17 to  State Government
Oppose K. Fleming, 5 others This only applies to Louisville. Limits number of terms an individual can be elected Mayor. If the mayor resigns the Governor has the authoirty to appoint an interim mayor. Requires the Mayor to name a Deputy Mayor. Gives the Governor authority to appoint Metro Council Members in the event a council member no longer can serve during his/her term. KCC considers this state overreach.  2/7/17 Introduced in House; 2/9/17 to Local Government,

2/24 Posted in Committee


HB214 Support B. Reed,
2 others
Increases the amount of tax credit available for donating edible agricultural products to nonprofit food programs from 10% of the value of the donated products to 20% and extends the tax credit program four additional years.  2/7/17 Introduced in House; 2/9/17 to Appropriations & Revenue
 HB234  Strongly Oppose  ✔ J. Gooch, S. Miles Changes the reference in the public notice of intention to mine coal from “mining site” to “permitted area.” Removes the requirement that all areas overlying underground workings of coal mines be permitted rather than only the areas affected by operations and facilities occurring on the surface.  Signed into law by the Governor on 3/27 Floor amendment filed HFA1 for technical corrections
 HB237 Support P. Pratt,
9 others
Establishes legal immunity protections related to food and grocery donations to nonprofit organizations. Signed into Law by Governor on 3/20 
HB243 Support P. Moffatt Allows notice of trespass to be given through the placement of identifying purple paint marks on property and requires clear written notice forbidding entry and requires the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resorces inform the public of these provisions. 2/7/17 Introduced in House; 2/9/17 to Tourism & Outdoor Recreation
HB246 /LM  Strongly Oppose  ✔ J. Miller,
4 others
Preserves the authority of cities within Jefferson County to conduct solid waste recovery and disposal within their jurisdiction. Prohibits Louisville Metro or the District from charging a fee that is based on the make-up of the solid waste stream of that city, so long as the waste stream complies with state and federal law. Requires that the Mayor of Louisville appoint seven persons to the board, with the approval of the Metro Council. Would also vacate the current board previously appointed and direct the mayor to fill those vacant positions within 90 days of the effective date of the Act or appointment authority would go to the Governor. Signed into law by the Governor on 3/21 Passed first reading with committee substitute

HCS1, floor amendment filed HFA1 and HFA2

Senate floor amendment SFA1 filed on 3/8

 HB247  Support K. Moser, A. Wuchner Prohibits use of tobacco products by students, school personnel, and visitors in schools, school vehicles, properties, and activities. 2/7/17 Introduced in House, 2/9/17 to Education, 2/16 posting waived
HB259 Support C. McCoy Declare the production of Kentucky Proud hand-crafted functional or decorative products on agricultural lands of 5 or more acres as agricultural uses. 2/8/17 Introduced in the House, 2/13 to Agriculture
 HB263 Monitor J. Wayne, 10 others Democrat’s tax reform bill. Any new tax reform proposals need to include dedicated funding for land conservation and tax credits for conservation easements. 2/8/17 Introduced in the House; 2/13/17 to Appropriations & Revenue
HB291/LM  Monitor D. St. Onge  Defines “drone” and prohibits the use of evidence obtained by a drone in violation of stated prohibitions. Creates criminal offenses for obstructing an emergency responder and trespassing on critical infrastructure. Passed House committees, still in Senate committees, with multiple floor amendments filed. Committee Sub HCS1/LM,   SCS1/LM,

Floor Amendments  SFA1,  SFA2,  SFA3

HB302 Oppose J. Nemes Exempts from sales and use tax 35% of the gross receipts derived from the sale of utilities to restaurants located in Kentucky. 2/10 introduced in House, 2/14 to Appropriations & Revenue
HB310/LM Support J. Jenkins plus six co-sponsors Sets the parameters to form Land Banks to help local governmetns deal with blighted property. 2/10 introduced in House. 2/14 to Local Government. 2/15 first reading, 2/16 second reading, 2/21 3rd reading, 2/22 to Senate Feb 22,
to State & Local Government (S) 2/23
 HB317  Strongly Oppose  ✔ S. Miles Establishes an additional initial and renewal registration fee of $100 for plug-in electric vehicles. 2/13, introduced in House. 2/15 to Transportation.
 HB323 Support R. Benvenuti III and 4 co-sponsors Requires the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources to offer hunting and fishing licenses to active duty members of the United States Armed Forces at the same cost charged to Kentucky residents. 2/13 to House. 2/15 to Tourism & Outdoor Recreation, 2/22 posted in committee, 2/27 passed out of house committee on 3/6 with floor amendment and committee substitute. Now in Senate Natural Resources & Energy 3/7.  Has had two readings in Senate of 3/14.  Committee sub HCS1 and floor amendment HFA1
HB332  Oppose A. Wuchner Delays the effective date of ordinary administrative regulations with a major economic impact until the effective date of legislation ratifying the administrative regulation. This could result in the loss of delegated status for air quality and other regulatory programs, as well as delegated federal benefit programs where changes to federal regulations must be adopted by state in order to retain authority to implement those programs.  2/13 to House. 2/15 to State Government, 2/22 posted in committee, Feb 23, favorable 1st reading
2/24 2nd reading, posted for passage for 2/28, Floor amendment filed 2/27
Floor amendment filed,  HFA1
HB338 Strong Support  M. Marzian Requires retail electric suppliers to use increasing amounts of renewable energy and energy efficiency; provide for alternative compliance plans for public utilities who fail to meet renewable energy or efficiency requirements; requires the Public Service Commission to develop tariff guidelines for purchase of renewable power. 2/13 to House. 2/15 to Natural Resources & Energy.

Floor amendment filed on 3/8 HFA1, Support without floor amendment

HB339 Support J. Nemes  Establishes the apparently wholesome food income tax credit equaling 20% of the fair market value of apparently wholesome food donated in Kentucky.  2/13 to House. 2/15 to Appropriations & Revenue.
 HB340 Strong Support J. Kay Establishes a qualified conservation contribution income tax credit for the donation of property or an interest in property for conservation purposes.  2/13 to House. 2/15 to Appropriations & Revenue.
 HB360 Support S. Miles, J. DeCesare Expands the definition of “agricultural use” to include at least five acres devoted to agritourism. Passed House with committee sub. and amendment. Passed Sentate with Senate committee amendment. Signed into Law by the Governor on 4/11 Committee sub: HCS/LM and amendments  HCA1 and  SCA1
 HB363/LM  (Hold) S. Miles  Amends the definition of “processing” to include the act of loading or unloading limestone that has not otherwise been severed or treated in the Commonwealth. 2/14 to House, 2/15 to Nat. Resources, 2/21 to A&R.
 HB369 Monitor D. St. Onge Applies limitations to successor asbestos-related corporations’ liability. 2/14 in House,
2/15 to Judiciary, 2/21 re-assigned to Econ. Dev. & Workforce Invest., 2/22 posted in committee, 2/23, favorable 1st reading, 2/24 2nd reading, posted for passage for 2/28. 2/27 Floor amendment filed
 Floor amendment filed   HFA1
HB376 Monitor D. Hale Reflects the reorganization of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and to confirm Executive Order 2016-857. Signed into Law by the Governor on 4/10
 HB384 Strong Oppose R. Benvenuti III Reduces the required number of inspections of underground mines for both annual mine inspections and annual full electrical inspections. Signed by the Governor on 3/21 Floor amendment filed  HFA1
 HB392  Support R. Rothenberger Requires zoning compliance for non-baseload generation facilities under 10 megawatts. 2/15 to House.
2/16 to Local Government, 2/24 posted in committee, favorable 1st and 2nd readings, posted for passage in consent orders 3/3, now in regular orders.
HB421 Oppose S. Wells Requires additional review by legislators of administrative regulations by allowing legislators to object to the regulations, which triggers another round of review. 2/16 in House
2/21  to State Government
 HB423  Oppose T. Couch Increases the maximum speed limit to 65 MPH on four-lane state highways that are not interstates or parkways. Increases fuel consumption, emissions. 2/16 in House
2/21  to Transportation
 HB435 Monitor J. Miller AN ACT relating to composting and use of composted materials by state agencies.
Amend KRS 56.005 to make technical corrections.
2/16 in House
2/21  to State Government3/14 WITHDRAWN
HB438/LM  Monitor K. Sinnette In anticipation of the Clean Power Plan, sets guidance for carbon emission allowances and who shall receive them giving priority to counties that are retiring coal fired power plants. However, the Clean Power Plan is currently on an indefinite hold. 2/17 in House
2/21  to Nat. Resource & Energy
 HB442 Support K. Sinnette Establishes a disabled hunter postseason elk hunt. 2/16 in House
2/21  to Tourism & Outdoor Rec.
 HB448  Support D. Johnson Allows for the marketing and selling of industrial hemp products with limitations. Passed House with committee sub. Received in Senate, first reading, returned to Senate agriculture, then sent back to the House on 3/30. Committee sub HCS1
 HB455 Monitor C. Harris and 12 co-sponsors Requires the PSC to reconsider its previously issued order with regards to Kentucky Power’s purchase of an interest in the Mitchell Power Station and the impacts to its ratepayers. 2/17 in House
2/21  to Nat. Resource & Energy
 HB458 Monitor J. DeCesare AN ACT relating to economic development.
Amend KRS 154.28-050 to add gender-specific pronoun. Monitoring for additional changes.
2/17 in House
2/21  to Economic Dev. & Workforce Invest.
 HB459 Monitor J. DeCesare AN ACT relating to workforce development. 2/17 in House
2/21  to Economic Dev. & Workforce Invest.
HB500 Oppose L. Bechler Requires all statutes enacted by the General Assembly after the effective date of this Act to expire six years from their effective dates. Could be used in an abusive manner. 2/17 in House, 2/21 to State Gov.
HB505  Support J. Kay Defines “single-family farm” and direct retail electric suppliers to charge no more than residential rates for service provided to single-family farms. 2/17 in House, 2/21 to Nat Resource & Energy
HB508 Monitor J. Shell AN ACT relating to natural resources. Amend KRS 146.100 to make grammatical and technical corrections. Monitoring for additional changes. Feb 17, 2017 – introduced in House
Feb 21, 2017 – to Natural Resources & Energy (H)
HB513 Monitor D. Meade AN ACT relating to tourism and outdoor recreation.
Amend KRS 150.300 to make technical corrections. This statute includes the Nature Preserves Commission, Wild Rivers, Dept. of Conservation. Monitoring for additional changes.
2/17 in House
2/21  to Tourism & Outdoor Rec.