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Bills are updated on a regular basis. These are KCC positions on bills as of 4/27/2016. Download full Senate page HERELink to House bills HERE.

Senate Bill Positions from 2016

Bill Position Priority Sponsors Summary Status History
SB21* Support Senator Jones
II, Senator Turner
Similar to HB 24, amends the way coal severance tax (a tax on coal that is produced in the Commonwealth) revenue is distributed. Calls for the distribution of 100 percent of coal severance revenues among the coal-producing counties on the basis of the tax collected on coal severed or processed in each respective county. 1/6/16 introduced in Senate. 1/7/16 to Approp. & Revenue
SB 26 Support Senator Carroll Prohibits changing the substance carried or the direction of flow of a pipeline. May have FERC preemption implications, but KCC supports the substance of the bill. 1/7/16 to Natural Resources & Energy
SB 27 Oppose Senator Bowen Establishes an additional initial and renewal registration fee of $100 for plug-in electric vehicle. 1/6/16 in Senate. 1/7/16 to Transport.
SB38 Monitor Senator Humphries Provides that a portion of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in-lieu-of-tax payment made to the Commonwealth and deposited into the general fund shall be transferred to the regional development agency assistance fund to be distributed among fiscal court-designated local industrial development authorities for economic development and job creation activities. 1/6/16 in Senate. 1/7/16 to Appropriations & Revenue
SB49 Support Senator Thomas Requires witnesses appearing before a committee, subcommittee, or task force of the General Assembly to take an oath prior to giving testimony. 1/6/16 in Senate. 1/7/16 To State & Local Gov.
SB54 Support Senator Buford Similar to HB 10, requires proper labeling on donation boxes and donation drop-off sites when the donations do not qualify as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes. Addresses the problem of donation sights using fake charities to solicit donations. Passed Senate. Passed House. Signed by Governor 4/8 Counterpart Bill HB10
SB 62 Monitor Senator Webb Defines “unmanned aircraft systems,” prohibits the use of unmanned aircraft systems to track, hunt, or harvest wildlife and prohibits the use of unmanned aircraft systems to conduct surveillance of persons lawfully engaged in hunting, trapping, or fishing. 1/6/16 introduced in Senate. 1/7/16 to Nat. Resources & Energy
SB79 Monitor C. Embry Jr.,
J. Bowen, D. Carroll
Similar to HB 108, permits municipal utilities (such as Owensboro Municipal
Utilities and the Frankfort Plant Board) to join together into a municipal electric authority to buy and sell electricity and natural gas. Although this will allow municipal utilities to save money, KCC notes that this
proposed entity would have no Public Service Commission oversight.
1/6/16 introduced in Senate. 1/7/16 to Nat. Resources & Energy Counterpart in the House: HB108. In 2015 this bill was posted in House
committee as HB290 and went no further.
SB80 Support R. Webb, R. Thomas,
D. Harper Angel, G. Neal, D. Ridley
Similar to HB 121, requires vehicles overtaking bicycles to pass at a distance of at least three feet. KCC is concerned that this distance should be more. AN ACT relating to the overtaking of bicycles on a roadway. Passed Senate. Now in House Transportation Passed with committee substitute SCS1
Counterpart bill in House: HB121.
SB89 Strongly Oppose D. Carroll Repeals the ban on construction of nuclear power facilities. Requires the Energy and Environment Cabinet to review regulations for permitting Nuclear facilities. Passed Senate. Now in House Tourism Develop. & Energy 3/3/16
SB90 Strongly Support Sen. Harris An act relating to the siting of cell antenna towers. Amend KRS 100.987 to direct that applications for cell towers on state-owned property be approved by the Public Service Commission. Passed Senate; Passed House.

Signed by Governor 4/9

Committee Substitute HCS1
SB111 Strongly Support R. Webb Prescribes requirements for the transportation of municipal solid waste so as to prevent leaks, emissions, and access to the wastes by pests; prohibit a transfer station or waste disposal facility from receiving wastes not transported in compliance with the no-leak provisions; requires the Cabinet to study wastes containing hydrogen sulfides to limit and control odors and emissions from landfills. 1/19/16 in Senate; 1/21/16 to Natural Resources & Energy
SB102 Strongly Oppose R. Jones II Allows motorized recreational vehicles such as ATVs on the Pine Mountain Trail; allows motorized recreational vehicles such as ATVs on the portion of Pine Mountain Trail  BILL
WHTHDRAWN on 2/4/16
now changed to a study proposal, SJR118
SJR118 Support R. Jones II Directs a study of ATV usage as a catalyst for economic development and to develop a comprehensive plan creating a trail system for off-road recreational ATVs 2/11/16 to Senate Economic Dev., Tourism & Labor This was a replacement for SB102 which was withdrawn
SB119 Strongly Support J. Carpenter Relating to chemical munitions disposal, affecting the destruction of munitions at the Bluegrass Army Depot. 2/9 Passed Senate; 2/25 Recommitted to House Nat. Res.
SB132 Monitor M. Wise Relating to public-private partnerships. Similar to HB 309, sets a framework for establishing these relationships between government procurement and private industry. Senate Econom. Dev. & Tourism 2nd reading Floor amendment filed. SFA1
SB141 Monitor  D. Carroll  Allows one board member of a municipal utility to reside outside the city limits. Passed Senate. Passed House.

Signed by Governor 4/8

SR143 Strongly Support  R. Webb  Urge Congress to enact legislation enhancing hunting, fishing, recreational shooting, and other outdoor recreational opportunities and to strengthen conservation efforts nationwide. To Senate Natural Resources & Energy
SCR152 Strongly Support  P. Clark  Urge Congress to propose an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to allow Congress and the states to set reasonable limits on spending to influence elections. To Senate Judiciary
SB163/ CI/LM Support  T. Buford  2/9/16 introduced in Senate. In Senate Transportation Could help promote more recycling
SB171 Monitor  S. Humphries  Creates definitions for geothermal wells and include installation under the authority of the Cabinet for Energy and Environment and the Ky. Water Well Certification Board. 2/12/16 to Senate Nat. Resources & Energy, Second reading, to Rules
SB188 Monitor  J. Carpenter  Defines a “stratigraphic test well” and imposes several regulatory requirements to a “stratigraphic test well” including plugging requirements. Requires persons applying for a permit for a stratigraphic test well be granted a 3-year confidentiality period for all drilling records and subjects well records, surveys and other logs to confidentiality requirements. Passed Senate. Passed House.

Became law without the Governor’s signature 4/6

Committee sub SCS1 has minor changes.
SB190 Strongly Support  ✔  R. Thomas  Same bill as Marzian’s energy/economic development bill in the House. Requires utilities to use increasing amounts of renewable energy, take energy-efficiency measures, and implement energy-efficiency programs over a period of time and requires the Public Service Commission to develop tariff guidelines for purchase of renewable power. 2/17 introduced in Senate, to Natural Resources & Energy
SB224 Strongly Oppose Ends mandatory safety training for mine foreman. Would reverse a statute unanimously passed by the Kentucky legislature eight years ago to require this training. Passed Senate with Committee Sub. 2nd reading in House. Posted for passage in Regular Orders of day 3/28 See substitute SCS1, Floor amendment HFA1
SB229 Support M. McGarvey Sets the parameters to form Land Banks. To Senate State & Local Gov.
SB230 Support M. McGarvey Allows cities to more easily deal with blighted properties Passed Senate. Passed House.

Signed by Governor 4/13

See Floor Amendments, HFA1, HFA2
SB237 Support W. Westerfield Amend KRS 433.750 to include protection of refuges and sanctuaries for insects. This has to deal with protections on land set aside for a sanctuary or state highway maintenance. Introduced in Senate 2/25
SB 244 Oppose Sen. Schroder Like HB 370, proposes to amend Section 29 of the Kentucky Constitution to permit the General Assembly to review, approve, or disapprove any administrative regulation of the executive branch during or between regular sessions of the General Assembly. This would violate the separation of powers doctrine, which aims to curb the legislative branch from unreasonably conflicting with the executive branch. Passed Senate. Now in House Elections Const. Amend. & Gov. Affairs, posted in Committee
SB261 Support Sen. Carpenter Allows an insurance company or a motor vehicle dealer to obtain a salvage title in its name without submitting the certificate of title for a motor vehicle in certain situations. WITHDRAWN
SB297 Strongly Oppose Sen. Girdler  Eliminates state inspections of coal mines as an undue burden to the coal industry. A sub was passed that switched mine safety inspectors to the role of “mining analyst” with the aim of providing “behavior modification” to mining companies that are violating health and safety laws rather than notices of violation and other enforcement measures. Would reverse a statute unanimously passed by the Kentucky legislature eight years ago to require mandatory mine inspections by the state. Passed Senate with committee substitute and floor amendment. Received in House Labor & Industry Passed senate with sub SCS1 and floor amendment SFA1
SB303 Strongly Support Sen. Jones  Directs the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet to implement a program to assist in the education and retraining of dislocated coal miners and requires that a person with five years of surface or underground coal mining experience be given preference in state employment. Also directs Kentucky Housing corporation to establish programs relating to subsidies for home energy efficiency and to work with Kentucky Community and Technical College System to retrain dislocated coal workers in energy auditing and energy-efficient contracting certification. The program is to be funded from coal severance tax receipts. 3/3/16 Introduced in Senate. 3/7 to Senate Approp. & Revenue