Bills are updated on a regular basis. These are KCC positions on bills as of 4/27/2016. Download HERE.

House Bill Positions


Bill Position Priority Sponsors Summary Status History/Amend.
HB2/LM Support G. Stumbo and 22 others Amends the Constitution authorize the General Assembly to allow a city or county the power to levy a local option sales and use tax, submit to the voters for approval. Passed House. Now in Senate A&R Floor amendments HFA1, HFA2 SFA1, SFA2, SFA3. (Must pass without SFA3)
HB10 Amended.
Now a different bill. Formerly “support”
Rep. Richards Formerly a house bill on donation boxes, this bill was amended in the House to become a bill on transportation licenses, then was changed again in the Senate to become an appropriations bill which adds $12 million in General Fund money for Parks, $1 million for the Rough River Marina, and funding for Tuition Grant program and Work Ready Scholarship program. The senate version of the Donation Box bill (SB54) has been signed by the Governor. Passed House. Passed Senate.

Delivered to Governor. Line item Vetoes on 4/27 which allow more time for funds to be used

HCR13 Monitor Rep.Montell Directs the staff of the Legislative Research Commission to study municipal bankruptcy. KCC is concerned about cities and towns in coal regions of the Commonwealth that will lose substantial funding and income as result of the declining coal industry. Passed House. Passed Senate. Signed by Governor
HCR14 Support Rep. Marzian A resolution urging the U.S. Congress to propose an amendment to theConstitution of the United States to allow Congress and the States to set reasonable limits on spending to influence elections. 3/2/16 Passed House committee, in reg. orders of day
HCR 17 Support  Rep. Westrom A resolution to petition the National Park Service to complete the EasternLegacy Resource Study calling for the Eastern Legacy Special Resource Study to include a recommendation that the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail be extended to the east by including the 52 Kentucky Counties traveled for the period of 1803 through 1809. Passed House. Now in Senate Natural Resources with minor amendments
HB23/LM Strongly Oppose F. Steele, R.
Adkins, S. Miles
Amends state property tax laws to exempt un-mined coal reserves from state and local property taxation under certain circumstances. This tax revenue is 50% of the Kentucky Heritage Land and Conservation Fund’s income. If it passes land acquisition of natural areas could permanently be halved, at best. 1/5/16 to House Appropriations & Revenue This was filed in the 2015 session as HB338 and KCC strongly opposed.
HB24/LM Support F. Steele, S.
Similar to SB 21, amends the way coal severance tax (a tax on coal thatis produced in the Commonwealth) revenue is distributed. Calls for the distribution of 100 percent of coal severance revenues among the coal-producing counties on the basis of the tax collected on coal severed or processed in each respective county. 1/5/16 to House Appropriations & Revenue Also filed in 2015 session as HB23. Went to A&R and then sat there.
HB27 Support Rep.Mills, Meredith Exempts bees used in a commercial enterprise for the production of honeyor wax for sale and certain items used in that pursuit. 1/6/16 assigned to Approp. & Revenue
HCR27 Monitor Rep. A. Koenig A Resolution creating the Mileage-Based Transportation Funding Task Force to develop and study the implementation of a mileage-based transportation funding mechanism as opposed to a fuel tax to fund transportation projects. KCC recommends the impacts of vehicle weight be included in the study. 1/7/2016 to House Transportation
HCR29 Strongly Support Rep. Combs A Resolution directing the Legislative Research Commission to establish a Timber Theft and Trespass Reduction Task Force. Passed House. 2/16 in Senate Nat. Resources
HCR 35 Support Rep. Short A Resolution to direct the Legislative Research Commission to study the economic impact of adventure tourism in Harlan, Knott, Letcher, and Magoffin Counties. Passed House. Posted for passage in the Senate. Retained 6 times and sent back to Senate Economic Dev. Minor amendments.
HB38 Support Rep. Donohue Amends safety statutes to define “zipline” and directs the Dpt. of Agriculture to create new regulations related to zipline construction and safety. Passed House. Passed Senate.

Delivered to Gov.

Became Law without the Governor’s signature 4/6

Amendment HCS1 and HCA1
HR39 Support D. Mayfield Recognize Boone Trace as a road of historical significance; encourage the Transportation Cabinet to seek funding to mark Boone Trace; encourage the Tourism Cabinet to continue its work in developing Boone Trace as a major route in the Cross Kentucky Master Trail Plan. In House. 3/16/16 reported favorably, to Consent, 3rd reading adopted.
HB50 Strongly Support  ✔ Rep. Flood Establishes public benefit corporations, which are corporation must bemanaged in a manner that balances the pecuniary interests of the stockholders, the best interests of those materially affected by the corporation’s conduct, and the specific public benefit or public benefits identified in its articles of incorporation. Fiduciary obligation of the board is not just to its shareholders, but to those affected by the corporations conduct and the benefit it provides. Passed in House. Now in Senate Judiciary. Minor amendment to House Bill language. This was filed in 2015, as HB11
HB51/CI Support Rep. Bell Expands the Dept. of Corrections Farm Operations Program to all adult correctional facilities including correctional facilities operated by private contractors; requires all food and ag products grown or produced under the Farm Operations Program be solely for the consumption or use by inmates housed in facilities within the Commonwealth, persons employed by correctional facilities, and staff. 1/5/16 assigned to House Judiciary; 1/25/16 posted in committee; 2/4/16 2nd reading to rules; 2/9/16 taken from rules, recommitted to A&R
HB52/LM Monitor Representative
Provides that quarterly distributions of local government economic assistance funds to a mineral producing county shall be reduced by no more than 50% as a result of any refund of natural resources severance and processing tax. Senate substitute adds section regarding with police pay scale. Passed House. Passed Senate.

Signed by Governor 4/13.

Sub passed: HCS1/LM . HCA1, SCA1, SCS2
HB55/LM Monitor Rep.Wayne Amends statutes related to planning and zoning, certain cities, and their requirements to adopt planning and zoning requirements. Bill changed on final day of session to a transient room tax bill. Passed House. Passed Senate with sub,

Signed by Governor 4/27

 Passed House with committee substitute HCS1/LM
HR56 Strongly Support J. Tiptonplus 18 others Encourages all state government entities to support Kentucky’s agricultural economy by purchasing Kentucky-grown and Kentucky Proud products. Posted for passage out of the house, 3/18/2016, 3rd reading adopted.  Note there is some concern that Kentucky Proud Products have not always included exclusively local components.
HB79 Support J. Wayne, R. Webber,
J. Donohue
Creates a refundable income tax credit for the costs of mitigating noise from a commercial airport. 1/5/16 assigned to House Approp. & Revenue
HB80 Monitor (now a different bill) Rep. Chris Harris Amends open records laws to narrow the funding criteria determining exemptions from the definition of “public agency” in the Kentucky Open Records Act, making more “public agencies” subject to open records laws. Bill changed on final day of session, now a bill on university capital projects. Passed House. Passed Senate. with sub, Signed by Governor 4/27
HB89 Monitor Rep. Denham Prohibits any fund transfers from the public employee health insurancetrust fund to the general fund. KCC is monitoring all bills related to budgetary fund transfers to look for impacts on state conservation and environmental funding. 1/5/16 assigned to House State Government; 2/2/16 Reassigned to A&R.
HB98 Monitor Representative.
Places a cap on the amount that an electric utility can bill for a basic service charge. 1/5/16 assigned to Tourism Dev. & Energy
HCR101 Support F. Steele Directs the Legislative Research Commission to establish the Free-roaming Horse Task Force. Free-roaming horses have become a problem on old mine sites and public lands (amended to remove the word “abandoned”) Passed House. Passed Senate.

Become law without Gov’s Signature 4/14

HB103 Strongly Oppose Representative
Allows for the construction of a nuclear power facility on or within50 miles of a site previously used for the manufacture of nuclear products. 1/5/16 to House Tourism Dev. & Energy, 3/15 posted in committee, 3/16 posting withdrawn
HB104 Strongly Oppose J. Gooch Jr.,
J. Tipton
Prohibits the Energy and Environment Cabinet from passing administrative regulations or imposing permit conditions to reduce carbon dioxide under federal rules or federal plan unless authorized by either the Kentucky General Assembly or if carbon dioxide is designated by the United States Congress as a criteria pollutant under the Clean Air Act. This bill is in focused on the Federal Clean Power Plan, which calls for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions based on a state specific formula. If this bill is passed, the federal government will implement a plan for Kentucky, rather than one developed by Kentucky. A Federal plan would have more substantial impact on electricity rates in Kentucky compared to a state developed plan 1/5/16 assigned to House Natural Resources & Environment
HB106 Strongly Support Rep.Smart Amends statutes related to the disposal and destruction of chemical weapons at the Blue Grass Army Depot. Requires that, after the compounds in chemical munitions are treated, the Energy and Environment Cabinet can reclassify the residual wastes to ensure proper management and disposal. Our friends at the Kentucky Resources Council helped negotiate the language of the bill. Passed House. Passed Senate.

Signed by Governor, 3/6

HB108 Monitor Rep.Gooch Jr. Similar to SB 79, permits municipal utilities (such as Owensboro MunicipalUtilities and the Frankfort Plant Board) to join together into a municipal electric authority to buy and sell electricity and natural gas. Although this will allow municipal utilities to save money, KCC notes that this proposed entity would have no Public Service Commission oversight. 1/5/16 to House Tourism Development & Energy See Senate SB79. In 2015 this bill was in House the as HB290 but barely
HB121 Strongly Support Rep.Westrom Requires vehicles overtaking bicycles to pass at a distance of at least three feet. KCC is concerned that this distance should be more. 1/5/16 to House Transportation Committee
HB136 Strongly Support Rep.Rowland Extends the energy efficiency tax credits for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2016, but no later than January 1, 2020, in the case of property used as on-farm poultry or livestock raising facilities. 1/5/16 to House Appropriations & Revenue Priority, but reservations on factory farm component.
HJR142 Monitor T. Couch Directs the Transportation Cabinet and the Economic Development Cabinet to conduct feasibility studies on the economic impact and costs of widening the Hal Rogers Parkway into four lanes from Interstate 75 to Hazard County. 2/16 to House transportation, 3/4/16 Posted in Committee
HB 143 Strongly Support Rep. J. Richards Allows an income tax credit for taxable years beginning on or after January1, 2016, but before January 1, 2020, equal to $1,000 for employers who hire certain unemployed individuals, if the individual was employed in the coal industry immediately prior to becoming unemployed. KCC supports a just economic and environmental transition for coal county citizens as the coal industry continues to decline in Kentucky. 1/5/16 introduced in the House to Approp. & Revenue KCC supports a just transition for coal miners.
HB144 Support Rep. Meeks An act relating to cemeteries and preservation. Cemeteries are resources for biodiversity. 1/6/16 to House Licensing & Occupation
HB152 Strongly Support Rep Wayne Stream Saver bill. Requires coal mine permittees to dispose of remaining
overburden in the mined area, areas under the abandoned mine land program,
or areas approved by the cabinet; prohibits disposal of overburden in streams, specifies that restoration to approximate original contour includes configuration
and elevation of the area prior to mining.
HJR152 Monitor M. Denham Directs the Division of Water to meet with the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Natural Resources Conservation Service to determine procedures for developing water resources for agriculture and report to the LRC. Passed House. Passed Senate.

Signed by Governor 4/4

HB 168 Strongly Support Rep. Floyd “The Kentucky Landowner’s Bill of Rights,” regarding power of eminent domain. WITHDRAWN 2/25
HR 169 Strongly Support J. KayW. Stone Urge the Ky Congressional delegation to create a program of crop insurance for farmers growing fruits and vegetables. 3/9/16 Passed 3rd reading in the House.
HB177 Monitor Rep. Imes AN ACT relating to TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments. Amend KRS 96.895 to provide that a portion of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in-lieu-of-tax payment made to the Commonwealth and deposited into the general fund shall be transferred to the regional development agency assistance fund to be distributed among fiscal court-designated local industrial development authorities for economic
development and job creation activities; provide that the transfers will not affect the portion of the total TVA payment that is currently distributed
among local government entities.
1/6/16 – introduced in House; 1/7/16, to Approp. & Revenue See HB206, SB38
HJR186 Support R. Adkins Direct the Public Service Commission to require retail electric service providers to modify their tariffs to provide a rate for public primary and secondary schools that are subject to the Kentucky Energy Efficiency Program. 3/1/16 to House Tourism Development & Energy
HB 187 Strongly Support Rep. Yonts Extends the date to participate in the petroleum storage tank fund from
2016 to 2021; the date to perform corrective action using money from the
petroleum storage tank account from 2019 to 2024; and the date for the small operator assistance account from 2016 to 2021. Although getting better,
leaking underground storage will continue to be a major environmental problem
in Kentucky.
Passed House. Passed Senate. Signed by Governor
HB193 Support M. Meredith, T.
, R. Heath, K.
, T. Mills, J.
, J. Tipton, K.
, R.
, S. Westrom
AN ACT relating to sales and use tax. Amend KRS 139.480 to exempt bees
used in a commercial enterprise for the production of honey or wax for
sale or the pollination of crops the products of which constitute food for human consumption or are to be sold in the regular course of business,
and certain items used in those commercial enterprises.
1/7/16 Introduced in the House; 1/11/2016 to Approp. & Revenue
HB 195 Strongly Oppose Rep. J. Short,
C. Howard, R. Adkins, H. Collins, L. Combs, C. Harris, F. Steele
Establishes a standard value for un-mined coal reserves that have not
been mined during the 10-year period immediately preceding the assessment
date. Similar to HB 23, this tax revenue is 50% of the Kentucky Heritage
Land and Conservation Fund’s income. If it passes land acquisition of natural
areas could permanently be halved, at best.
1/7/16 introduced in the House; 1/11/15 to Natural Resources & Environment
HB 202 Oppose Res. R. Adkins,
J. Bell, H. Collins, L. Combs, W. Coursey, M. Denham, J. Glenn, C.
Harris, C. Howard, R. Nelson, R. Rand, J. Short, K. Sinnette, F. Steele,
G. Stumbo, T. Thompson, B. Yonts
Allows coal mining or processing companies to potentially qualify for sales and use tax incentives offered through the Kentucky Enterprise Initiative
Act (KEIA) and he Kentucky Business Investment Act (KBI) and directs the Cabinet for Economic Development to work with various agencies, foreign
trade partners, and the Kentucky coal industry to promote increased exports of Kentucky coal.
Passed House.
Now in Senate A&R


Monitor W. Stone, B.
, J. Carney, M.
AN ACT relating to TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments. See HB177. 1/8/16 in the House; 1/11/16 to Approp. & Revenue See HB177, SB38
HB208 L/M Strongly Support T. McKee, M. Denham,
R. Crimm
AN ACT relating to the Prescribed Fire Program. Create new sections of
KRS Chapter 149 to establish definitions relating to a prescribed fire
program and require the Energy and Environment Cabinet to promulgate administrative
regulations to develop a comprehensive prescribed fire program and a training,
education, and experience for certified prescribed fire boss; require approval
of a prescribed fire plan by the Division of Forestry; provide liability
Passed House. Passed Senate. Signed by Governor 4/4 Committee sub, HCS1/LM
HB213 Support Rep. Floyd AN ACT relating to eminent domain and requiring that oil or gas pipeline condemnation
be for a “public use”
HB234 Monitor Rep. Heath, Mills,
AN ACT relating to sales and use tax. Amend KRS 139.480 to exempt from
sales and use tax poultry for use in the production of food for human consumption;
exempt poultry or livestock bedding materials purchased on and after August
1, 2016, but before July 31, 2020, to facilitate the removal of poultry
and livestock manure within the confines of an on-farm poultry or on-farm
livestock facility
1/12/13 to House;1/13/16 to Approp. & Revenue
HB235 Support Rep. Rudy, Dossett,
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 2 designating the mallard duck as
the official state waterfowl.
1/12/16 to House; 1/13/16 to State Gov. Would apply to factory farms, but also any other type of poultry farm
that utilizes these materials. KCC will be researching this more.
HB240 Strongly Support Rep. Floyd Creates a Pipeline Safety Fund. 1/14/16 to Vet, Mil. Affairs & Public Safety
HB243 Strongly Oppose  ✔ A. Wuchner, J. Fischer,
M. Meredith, J. York
Delays the effective date of ordinary administrative regulations with
a major economic impact until the effective date of legislation ratifying
the administrative regulation. This could result in the loss of delegated status for air quality and other regulatory programs, as well as delegated federal benefit programs where changes to federal regulations must be adopted by state in order to retain authority to implement those programs.
1/13/16 Introduced in House; 1/14/16 to State Government Was also filed last year.
HB244 Monitor Rep. Richards Amend KRS 381.697 to include the governing authority of any city for
the maintenance of burial grounds. Burial grounds are often places that
harbor rare plants and significant trees.
Passed House. 2/8/16 to Senate State & Local Gov.
HB245 Strongly Oppose Rep. Fischer,
Amend KRS 220.110 to limit a sanitation district’s power to tax to the direct use of sanitary or storm sewers; prohibit the taxation of indirect
or imputed benefits; amend KRS 220.135 to define “consumption” to
include only the direct use of sanitary or storm sewers; amend KRS 220.250
to prohibit a district from adopting a financing plan that taxes indirect
use of sanitary or storm sewers; amend KRS 220.510 to prohibit a district
from collecting a tax on an indirect use or an imputed benefit.
1/13/16 to House; 1/14/16 to Local Gov.; 1/29/16 posted in committee
HB261/LM Support Rep. Belcher,
Tipton, Webber
Prohibits the PSC from issuing a certificate of public convenience and necessity to construct wastewater facilities unless the applicant provides a surety bond or other “reasonable guaranty” the applicant will operate the facility in a reasonable and reliable manner for at least 5 years. The bill intends to require financial stability of private utilities to ensure continuity of service for customers when a private utility fails or is abandoned by the owner. Passed House.
Passed Senate. Signed by Governor 4/8
Passed with committee sub 1. HCS1/LM,  HCA1,  HFA1. Passed House w/title amendment
 HB 266 Support  C. Harris, plus 25 others Increases the amount transferred from the general fund to the Local Government Economic Development Fund (LGEDF) which supports several areas, including environmental protection and social services. 1/15/16 in House; 1/19/16 Appropriations & Revenue
 HB272 Monitor  T. Thompson  AN ACT relating to radon mitigation. Amend KRS 211.9107 to exempt a residential building contractor installing vent pipes from radon mitigation certification requirements. Passed House, Passed Senate. Signed by Governor 4/4  Minor amendment HCS1
 HB287 Oppose  J. DuPlessis, F. Steele  AN ACT relating to tax incentives to promote the increased use of Kentucky coal.  1/21/16 Introduced in the House; 1/25/16 to Approp. & Revenue
HB291 Strongly Oppose  ✔  J. Gooch, T. Couch  Amends KRS 278.183 to prohibit utilities from recovering costs of complying with environmental requirements of the Federal Clean Air Act until compliance is required; applies this provision retroactively. This bill is a roadblock to the building of clean energy options under the Federal Clean Power Plan as it prohibits utilities from recovering costs.  1/21/16 in House; 1/25/16 in Natural Resources & Environment
HB303 Strongly Oppose  R. Rand This is the primary portion of Governor Bevin’s biennial budget bill, where we have significant concerns about the reduction in funding to land conservation and to funding environmental regulation enforcement, and incentives. The House and Senate versions restored $2.5 million dollars in 2017 and $2.5 million in 2018 to the Ky. Heritage Land Conservation Fund, while protecting all funding resulting from the purchase of “Nature’s Finest” license plates. Also had provisions for funding Louisville Waterfront Development and retaining state tree nurseries. The latter two items were line-item vetoed. Passed House and Senate with amendment that restores partial funding to KHLCF. Sent to Governor, line item vetoed some items on 4/27 (see details at left) House Committee sub 1 passed.

Senate substitute passed Senate

Multiple floor amendments and revisions.

Final substitute FCCR1.

 HB309 Monitor  L. Combs, S. Overly, R. Adkins, J. Bell, M. Denham, J. Richards, G. Stumbo, T. Thompson Allows for the use of public-private partnerships (P3s) as an alternative method of procurement, construction, and financing of capital projects and services by state government. The private entity can be a non-profit. Senate Floor Amendment would exempt the use of tolls for P3 highway projects across the Ohio River in Northern Kentucky. Passed House. Passed Senate, Signed by Governor 4/8 Passed with committee sub HCS1. Has floor amend. HFA3. Senate Sub SCS1. Several senate floor amendments filed. Passed with committee substitute 1.
HB333 Support J. JenkinsR. Rand Creates a setback from residential property lines for the deposition of special wastes in a special waste landfill and operation; special waste (can include coal ash). Establishes exemption from the setback for agreements in writing between the landfill operator and the property owner. 2/8/16 to House Nat. Resources & Environment
 HB339 Strongly Support  M. Marzian  Requires retail electric suppliers to use increasing amounts of renewable energy and energy efficiency; provide for alternative compliance plans for public utilities who fail to meet renewable energy or efficiency requirements; requires the Public Service Commission to develop tariff guidelines for purchase of renewable power. 2/4/16 Introduced in House; 2/9 to Tourism Dev. & Energy
HB350 Strongly Support  J. Kay  Establishes a qualified conservation contribution income tax credit; includes the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund Board in the evaluation of credit applications; includes the Purchase of Ag. Conservation Easement (PACE) Corp. Board in the evaluation of credit applications.  2/5/16 in House; 2/8/16 to Approp. & Revenue
HB351/ HM/LM Support  S. Westrom,
M. Marzian
 The Smokefree Kentucky Act. Prohibits indoor smoking in businesses, places of employment, and other listed public places; require posting of “no smoking” signs at specified locations. 2/9/16 to House Health & Welfare; 2/17 Floor Amend.  Minor amendment, HFA1 filed
HB354 Monitor  M. Denham  Amends KRS 39E.030 to add a representative of the Department of Agriculture to the membership of the Kentucky Emergency Response Commission. Passed House. Passed Senate. Signed by Governor 4/8
HB361/LM Monitor   R. Nelson  Requires attorneys representing grantors or grantees in real property transfers to certify on deeds that title examinations have been performed, and specify that failure to do so is professional negligence.  2/9/16 to House Judiciary
HB370 Oppose  J. Bell  Proposes to amend the Constitution of Kentucky relating to administrative regulations to permit the General Assembly or an agency or committee it creates to review, approve, or disapprove any administrative regulation of the executive branch during or between regular sessions of the General Assembly; submit to the voters for approval or disapproval.  2/9/16 to House Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs
 HB374 Support w/o Senate floor amend.  T. Thompson If the Constitutional amendment is approved to allow LIFT (Local option sales tax), this bill establishes how to administer it. If the proposed amendment is not approved, the Act is void. Senate Floor Amendment filed that would exempt large industrial consumers of electricity from the sales tax (if implemented) because they pay a sales tax on purchased electricity and gas, while residential properties do not. KCC does not support this amendment. Passed House. Received in Senate. Floor amendments filed. NEW floor amendment filed, SFA3 Relating to HB2. Passed with sub HCS1, Amendments SFA1, SFA2, SFA3
 HB402 Monitor  M. Denham  Requires the valuation and assessment of real and tangible personal property of a municipal solid waste disposal facility be performed by the department and removes municipal solid waste disposal facilities from the list of public service companies. Passed House. Passed Senate. Signed by Governor 4/9
 HB407 Support  B. Montell  Establishes the apparently wholesome food income tax credit equaling 20 percent of the fair market value of apparently wholesome food donated in Kentucky.
 HB423 Monitor (had previously ranked as support) R. Rand Originally extended the $1 fee on persons purchasing a new motor vehicle tire in Kentucky at the time of the purchase of that tire until 2018. House leadership have converted this bill to the House “Revenue” bill through Committee Sub. 1. Passed House Passed Senate. Delivered to the Governor.

Vetoed by Governor 3/8

Received in House 4/15

HB424 Support R. Rand Increases certified rehabilitation tax credit for historic properties to $10 million. In House A&R
HB426 Support J. DeCesare Allows motor vehicle engine idling for no longer than fifteen minutes and requires that the vehicle doors be locked while it is idling. In House Transportation
HB431 Support R. Adkins  Defines “gray water” and “black water.” Allows for conservation credits for gray water systems that reduces waste flow. Prohibits any political subdivision from prohibiting use of gray water reductions from systems approved under permit by the cabinet. Passed House. Passed Senate. Signed by Governor 4/13 Passed with Senate substitute, minor amendments.
HB440 Support  R. Smart Prohibit changing the substance carried or the direction of flow of a pipeline. To House Natural Resources
HB446 Monitor K. Sinnette  Allows cities to deny utility franchisees the ability to recover from ratepayers the franchise fee by adding a fee or surcharge to the bill.  To House Natural Resources
 HB449 Had been “Support”,
final version now a different bill
T. Riner Prohibits the cabinet from approving a permit for a waste-to-energy facility that is or will be located within a certain distance of a school, hospital, place of worship, or residential property. Outlines setbacks for vulnerable locations. On last day of Session, Senate Substitute entirely changed this bill to one on transparency of retirement systems. Waste-to-energy will now go to interim session. Passed House. Passed Senate with Sub, received in house 4/15 Committee sub HCS1 applies to populations of 500k or more
 HB454 Oppose  S. Riggs Prohibits a county or waste management district from prohibiting or restricting materials recovery by a city in a county containing a consolidated local government. To House Local Government. 3/3/16 second reading, 3/10 posted for passage, floor amendments filed Floor amendments HFA1, HFA2, HFA3
HB461 Monitor  J. Short Sets guidance for carbon emission allowances and who shall receive them. Premature since the state is not presently working on other compliance for the Clean Power Plan. To House Tourism & Energy. Second reading to Rules Floor Amendment filed to include counties in which coal jobs decreased.
 HB462 Oppose S. Miles Establish an additional initial and renewal registration fee of $100 for plug-in electric vehicles. To House Transportation
 HB464 Support K. Sinnette Sets regulations to establish more  utility service shutoff and reconnection protections for customers under  financial hardship. To House Tourism & Energy
 HB472 Support J. Stewart III Establishes the Kentucky Mountain Trail Authority (KMTA) as an independent  municipal corporation attached to the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet; establishes the Kentucky Mountain Regional Recreation Area for outdoor recreation opportunities for residents and visitors. To House Tourism & Energy. Posted in Committee
HB490 Strongly Oppose J. Miller Sets requirements for filing a supersedeas bond for appeals of Circuit Court decisions before the case is transferred to the Kentucky Court of Appeals. Makes it more difficult to challenge land developers in land use cases. To House Local Government
 HB497 Monitor  Rep. Stone  Declare the state’s preemption in seed regulation, which means state law will supersede and local laws that deal with seed regulation. Clarifies standards on seed coatings, mixtures, and varieties and prescribes labeling permit stipulations. Passed House. Passed Senate. Became law without the Gov’s signature 4/6 Amendment Filed: HFA1
 HB529 Monitor Rep. Rand  Establishes an 11-member Kentucky Water Resources Board within the EEC to develop water resource policy in the state with an emphasis on agriculture and droughts. Passed House. Passed Senate. Became law without the Gov’s signature 4/6
 HB536 Support Rep. Riggs  Creates a fund and award rebates to commercial or governmental entities that purchase, lease, or convert vehicles in their fleet to burn natural gas fund and provides a tax credit for a taxpayer that constructs fueling infrastructure for vehicles that burn natural gas fuels. 3/1/16 to House Approp. & Revenue Note: We prefer to be incentivizing electric/hybrids, rather than  natural gas.
 HB545 Strongly Support  Rep. Sinnette Establishes a disabled hunter postseason elk hunt. Requires the department to attempt to ensure disability access to areas in an elk zone and allow hunters drawn for the disabled hunter post season elk hunt who own land in the elk zone to elect to hunt on their own land rather than assigned areas in the elk zone. 3/1/16 to House Natural Resources & Environment
 HB548 Support Rep. Kay Extends requirements for disclosure in campaign advertisements to Internet and electronic communication network announcements, to cover electioneering communications, and to apply disclosures in advertisements and communications made by additional groups and organization. Passed House. Received in Senate State & Loc. Gov. Floor amendment filed. HFA1 allows leg. Agent to make campaign contribution.
 HB551 Support Rep. Mills  Like Floyd’s bill HB240, establishes a pipeline safety fund and requires all non-regulated pipelines to participate. However, less restrictive than Floyd’s bill, and requires a higher fee. 3/2/16 to House Vet. Military Affairs & Public Safety Less restrictive than the bill Rep. Floyd filed and withdrew. Fees are higher.
 HB557 Support  Rep. Kay  Requires the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources to promulgate administrative regulations to remove abandoned water vessels and abandoned boat docks from Kentucky waters and to allow for salvage of recovered materials. 3/2/16 to House Nat. Resources & Environment
 HB563 Strongly Support Rep. Howard Committee Sub passed that calls for the revision of current administrative regulations to ensure proper management of oil and gas wastes containing elevated levels of radionuclides. Our friends at the Kentucky Resources Council testified in support of the Committee Sub. Passed House.
Passed Senate. Signed by Governor 4/13.
Committee substitute HCS1 . Several Senate floor amendments filed. Passed with Senate floor amendments SCS3 and 4.
 HB576 Strongly Support Rep. Palumbo Requires land to be used currently for agricultural purposes to receive a property tax exemption for agricultural uses. 3/2/16 to House Approp. & Revenue